2023 Europe Water Soluble Fertilizers Market: Environment Development Trend Report

Bharat Book Bureau Provides the Trending Market Research Report on “Europe Water Soluble Fertilizers Market Analysis, 2013-2023” under Food & Beverage Category. The report offers a collection of superior market research, market analysis, competitive intelligence and industry reports.

Water soluble fertilizers are multi-compound specialized fertilizers that are dissolved in water before being applied to the crops. In comparison to granular or chemical fertilizers, they are readily absorbed by the roots of the plants and offer instant results. Water soluble fertilizers are suitable for modern irrigation systems and prevents groundwater contamination. These benefits have helped in their quick adoption by users across the European region.

With the rapid increase in demand across the region for food products, the demand for water soluble fertilizers is also steadily increasing. Many people are involved in farming and need to save their crops from being rotted as well as enhance their productivity. More and more people are taking up the vegetarian and vegan diet for health reasons. All these factors have ensured a steady growth in demand for water soluble fertilizers in Europe.

The report on Europe Water-Soluble Fertilizers Market presents the crux of over 260 hours of synergized efforts of analysts, industry experts, and academician to assess the present market scenario. The findings are substantiated by a thorough analysis of the water-soluble fertilizer industry value chain coupled with exhaustive secondary and primary research

As per the report, the water-soluble fertilizers market in Europe is estimated to be worth US $XXXX million in the year 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of XXXX, reaching US $ XXXX million by the year 2023. Water-soluble fertilizers market in the European region is the largest in the world and accounts for appx. XXX% of the global market.

The primary growth drivers behind the increasing demand for water soluble fertilizers in Europe are the incentives from the union governments for adoption of water-soluble fertilizers, rising demand for micro-irrigation systems across the region, emphasis of the authorities to reduce groundwater consumption, rising population across the region leading to growing demand for food products, and increasing exports of food products, vegetables and fruits from the region to various countries.

The significant impediments that water-soluble fertilizers are facing in the European region are high initial set-up cost for micro-irrigation systems, higher cost in comparison to granular and chemical fertilizers and the government policies regarding the protection of the environment. France is the leading consumer of water-soluble fertilizers in the region and is closely followed by Italy and United Kingdom. Steadily growing population across the European region bodes well for the water-soluble fertilizers market. The major corporations dominating the European market are EuroChem (Switzerland), Sirius Minerals (UK), and Mosaic Fertilizer LLC (US).

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Our Approach
We believe in a systematic approach towards the problem at hand. The process begins with the identification of a challenge/opportunity, followed by an exhaustive brainstorming by in-house and consulting experts.

Based on the outcomes, an in-depth research (primary & secondary) is carried out to collect industry insights. The data is then analysed by a gamut of techniques (Statistics, Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Analytics) to derive inter-disciplinary deductions that are executable and result in value creation.

Therefore, the market for European water-soluble fertilizers can be segmented on the basis of type, application, crop and geography. Different types of water-soluble fertilizers were then studied for different crops across different countries within European region. Finding were later consolidated in the form of report.

Contents of the report:
– Insight on the current industry dynamics
– Estimation of the current market size in terms of value and volume
– Market breakup based on type, application, crop, and geography
– Substantiated market forecasting for the next five years
– Detailed analysis of the key companies operating across different nodes of water-soluble fertilizer industry value chain

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