5 Ways to Lower Your Business Cost with Digiteam CRM

All businesses over the years have constantly emphasized in building a strong employee and customer base. In this fierce age of competition, where businesses try to outshine others in the market, the only way to survive is to use CRM software to streamline your sales. With everything so vastly explained on the internet, the customers are becoming smarter and they need to be kept happy if you want your business to grow. If you want to retain them, you need to change your strategy from being reactive to becoming proactive. For this, CRM software is exactly what you need.

The Digiteam app is mobile-based CRM software that not only helps you improve your relations with your customers and employees, but also increases your profits by reducing the overall costs for your organization.

Electronic data handling

By handling all your data on a CRM rather than working with documents and other files, you will be able to reduce your stationery and printing costs. With the Digiteam app, you can easily share files and documents. A digital data handling will help you in the following ways…

  • You will have an improved business process by getting a faster access to and retrieval of information.
  • It is going to be a better-informed decision-making as you will have quicker access to all of the right information.
  • You will also be able to provide better service delivery as relevant information can be located easily.
  • You will require less staff time spent looking for information.
  • You will get lower compliance costs and will have an enhanced ability to provide accurate, timely and transparent responses to your customers and reporting heads.
  • There will be cost savings from less creation, storage, retrieval and handling of paper records.

Easy task planning

When nine hours of shift timing seems less, and you have got a lot of agenda to fulfill, then it is impossible to do everything at once. The Digiteam app will help you streamline your task and will allow you to plan your day. You can calculate your targets and achieve better every day. This will bring in more profit and will reduce the cost of your business.

Easy update card scanning

If you are having an on-field sales team, you need to bear the travel allowances of those employees. Reduce the travel allowance by using the Digiteam app. Yes, you heard it right. Through the easy update card scanning feature, your employees will not need to return to the office at the end of the day. With just a screenshot, they can update their work. The process takes a couple of minutes and the entire data will be stored in the CRM and will be easy for everyone during future referral.

Easy team tracking

With the Digiteam app, you can now enjoy easy team tracking and check their performance through real-time updates. No need to spend time and money in scheduling meetings. Everything can be obtained through the CRM and outstation employees won’t need to come down for monthly progress and updates. Check what activities they have done today, whom they met and how your deals are progressing.

Reporting and Records

With so many figures and records, that needs to be maintained, it often becomes quite boring and difficult to manage such a huge bulk of information in an excel sheet. Sales are not an easy job, and even the slightest mistake in the sheets can lead to a huge loss. The multiple sheet track, spread across the sales people needs to get collated, and a minor mismanagement often leads to loss of data, confusion and reduced lead conversion.

Excel might make a great calculator, but they are not good databases. So for all small to large scale businesses, it is important to find a single store, with an easy user-interface that will stave off all these confusions and errors. Digitalization is at its peak, and hence, now is the high time to move on from boring excel sheets to an easy and user-friendly Digiteam app based CRM. This will help in cost-cutting and improving revenue in your business.

Digiteam is a modern, fully integrated cloud-based mobile CRM software that is built, keeping efficiency in mind. The software is a sales pipeline channel that converts your leads into sales in a much faster way. It reduces the pressure of your daily tasks and automates your sales process. We have amalgamated a number of mobile sales features that can ‘gamify’ sales processes for your teams and improve performance.

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