8 Ways to Protect Your Home From Theft or Burglary When You go on a Vacation

Apart from a financial investment, your home is an asset you’re emotionally invested in as well. It could be because you got married in your home, or because your children were born here. So if the rising crime rate has you worried, it’s only natural to do all you can to protect this important asset, even when you’re on holiday. To avoid any harm and limit your losses, take a look at 8 steps you can take to protect your home from theft when you go on holiday!

1. Prune your garden

Maintaining your home’s garden, if you have one, is simple step you can take. It will not only make your home more beautiful but it will also deter robbers from venturing in. Unkempt bushes and tall plants make it easier for a thief to sneak in without you or your neighbour noticing. A neglected garden may be interpreted as a sign that the property is neglected too, and hence may be more attractive to miscreants.

2. Strengthen your door

While you can choose cost-effective doors for rooms within your home, when it comes to your main door, pick a solid wood. Choose a good thickness and enhance it with a reliable lock. You can also install a home alarm system or reinforce it with a retina scan lock. This gives you solid protection against a break-in and enough time to call for help if the need ever arises.

3. Keep your tools away

Refrain from leaving any tools such as hammers, chisels or saws in your garden, garage or near your front door as a burglar can use them to break in. Instead, store them safely in a place only you have access to.

4. Be prudent with social media

Outsmart a thief by filtering what you are going to post on social media. For example, if you are going on a vacation abroad, it is best to post the pictures later. Similarly, make sure you don’t make all your travel dates public. Publicising such information gives thieves a chance to plan an attack on your home with precision.

5. Buy home insurance

A foolproof way to protect your home and valuables within is with home insurance from a reputable company, such as Home Protection Insurance available via Bajaj Finserv . Valid for a trip of up to 31 days, this home protection policy covers damage, disappearance or destruction of valuables such as furniture, clothes, electronic items, audio equipment, money and cheques. With coverage of up to Rs.5 lakh for just Rs.199 per year, this is one of the most affordable home protection insurances in India.

6. Use home alarm systems

Home security systems that sound an alarm when the house is broken into are a great solution to deter robbers and alert your neighbours or the local police station. More sophisticated systems today use a CCTV camera footage to enhance security.

7. Get automated lighting

Thieves are more likely to stay away from entering your property if they see lights on in your living room. Today, with home automation systems, you can set the timings of when you want your lights to come on and go off, even if you’re at the other end of the world.

8. Give the impression that you are home

Leaving your home deserted increases the chance of a potential break-in. So, have a neighbour come in to collect the mail or water your plants, house help to clean up every other day, or ask a friend to park his/her car in the premises.

Take these measures and don’t forget to buy a home protection plan, just like you would travel insurance, when you set sail on a holiday. To do so conveniently and quickly, start by checking your pre-approved insurance offer from Bajaj Finserv.

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