Air Conditioning Filters- Their Usage and Replacement Period

An ill-functioning HVAC system can exacerbate the situation to live in beside financial impact. The fault could be any low refrigerant, clogged drain, thermostat problems, leaking ducts, fan problems, dirty condenser coils, frozen evaporator coils or dirty filters where grimy filters are seen more often and require to be changed. Air filters function to cut off allergens from the air and amplify air quality inside the home. Air conditioning filters are more prone to receive dust, dirt, pet hairs, which hamper its functioning by clogging the filters.

What Would Happen If Air Filters Remain Unchanged Even After Getting Completely Dirty?

Congested AC filters can not only hamper the functioning of AC but also reduce the air flow due to the lack of clearance thus reducing its efficiency. The primary role of filters in an AC is retaining the access of contaminants which could accumulate on the evaporator coil and other components.

The reduce the flow of air significantly due to which it takes time in cooling the room thus increases the active timer of the system. The more activity impacts the internal components and thus increases the chances of it getting damaged.   Ultimately it increases the utility bills apparently. It creates noise pollution, short cooling and heating cycles, uneven cooling, reduced efficiency, lead to frost build-up or allergens buildup and other such grave issues which could ask for a good outlay.

When To Change Air Filters?

At times we forget to clean it and others we don’t pay much heed to it, in both the cases it magnifies the chances of giving an unpurified foul air without cleaning which start accumulating on furniture in form of dust and become unhealthy to breathe. Thus it is advisable to get the filters changed after the framed interval which may depend upon the usage.

For instance, a house occupied by a joint family and multiple pets should get filters changed in every 30 days while house equipped with one person can let the AC filters work for 4-6 months. This is how it works, the more the number of people and source of dust the lesser it works. Depending on size location and type of filters it should be changed regularly to let it function uninterruptedly.  Once it exceeds the limit of handling dirt, it stops functioning and allows the dirt to run downstream the system.

Types Of Filters– To cater to this, one can find a variety of filters including HEPA filters, Electrostatic filters, Washable filters, Disposable filters, Ultra Violet light, and Air Scrubber Plus.  Don’t allow the running of AC without filters as it may lead to piling up of dust and dirt on internal components which require regular cleaning. Wash or replace filters on time to avoid all such mess.

Split system air conditioner needs to be managed carefully and requires timely services, lack of which could cause sheer loss. Filters in split systems are mostly washable; you just need to rinse it using cold water. Those who believe can replace the filters themselves can get the filter from the stores with proper guidance.

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