An Excellent Brain Can Earns Millions with Blogging

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In this post, I’m going to show you the exact steps one blogger used to earn over $1 million. That’s making some serious money blogging!
Here we go to learn the blogging, there are few steps, you have to do these all so can earn a very big amount and you can get success very soon.
Do Research That Gets Inside Your Readers Head
There are two reasons getting inside a readers head will skyrocket your sales. First, you will use the information to create a product or service that matches their wants and needs. Second, you can use their exact language in your copywriting to reach them at a deeper level.
Examples of research insights for IWTYTBR
Real reason his readers wanted to earn more money was so they’d have the option of quitting their jobs. Yeah, Just the option.
Use surveys to uncover the words readers use
A lot of people don’t use surveys at all, so they come up with useless advice like “keep a budget.” So if you survey even a little bit, you’ll be way ahead of the competition.
Collect words from your email subscribers
Respond to some of the replies. The recipients of those personal responses think, “Wow, this dude actually reads his emails and he cares
Don’t ignore your readers
If you haven’t made sales yet, focus on getting to know your target audience.
It’s your birthday: ask for feedback
“The more specific, the better Share a story. Tell us how IWT helped you hit a goal, pay off debt, earn more, get a better job — whatever. Provide specific, concrete #’s. Tell me what it meant to you. It would make my day.”
Give an excellent nameto your product
People expect the opportunity to get 100% of their money back. If your product is good enough, why not let people try the whole thing and get their money back? You have nothing to worry about.
Write Super Specific Headlines
There are plenty of great posts on writing headlines, so I won’t dwell on it here.Then you want to start thinking about your guarantee.

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