Application Of ERW Pipe In District Heating

If it is mentioned that the insulated pipe is now a new district centralized heating pipe, it is known to be an erw insulation pipe, which has a lifting weight position for the entire insulation pipe, it can also maximize its value and put it The location in the entire insulation pipe.

The emergence of electric resistance welding pipe has obvious social and economic benefits, which indicates that the development of China’s heating pipe technology has entered a new starting point. Directly buried direct buried insulation pipe is a kind of high quality pipe with good insulation performance, safety and reliability, and low engineering cost. It effectively solves the problem of high-temperature heat transfer in urban central heating at 130~600 high temperature, from prefabricated polyurethane insulation pipe insulation, sliding lubrication and bare pipe end waterproofing.

To some extent, it has become a powerful measure to heat and conserve energy. It is mainly composed of four parts: working steel pipe, insulation layer, protective casing and leakage alarm line. The structure has good corrosion resistance, good insulation performance and long service life. The cool summer and winter climate has always been our favorite living environment.

Bad weather, however, we can all expect to become a reality, so God also opened a window for us to learn to invent, so in the cold winter, our insulation equipment, insulation pipe was born, and in the summer, Air conditioners and electric fans were born, which made us humans get their own way out. The preparation of polyurethane glue in the insulation pipe is briefly introduced.

In just a few years, prefabricated direct buried insulation pipes have been widely recognized, not only with the same life span of prefabricated direct buried insulation pipes, but also with relatively safe materials. The prefabricated direct buried thermal insulation tube is formed by a chemical reaction using a high-functional polyether polyol and a polyisocyanate as raw materials.

It has the advantages of light weight and high strength, excellent characteristics such as heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, non-absorption, and convenient construction. Insulation and waterproof plugging have become indispensable products in the industry. Prefabricated direct buried insulation pipe, suitable for indoor and outdoor pipelines, central heating pipelines, central air conditioning pipelines, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial pipeline insulation and cooling projects.

It has been developed rapidly as an excellent thermal insulation product, and its application range is more and more extensive. Due to its simple construction, remarkable energy-saving and anti-corrosion effect, it has been widely used in various heating pipes.

2) The role of the guiding roller is to control the direction of the pipe joint of the steel pipe and the height of the bottom line of the pipe blank, alleviate the edge extension, control the rebound of the edge of the pipe blank, and ensure that the pipe joint is straight without twisting into the pressing roller. If the guide roller is not well adjusted, it is easy to cause welding defects such as torsion, lap welding and edge wave of the steel pipe joint during the welding process of the steel pipe.

3) The squeeze roller is the key equipment of the welded pipe unit. Its function is to complete the pressure welding of the pipe body whose edge is heated to the welding temperature under the pressing force of the pressing roller. In the production process, the size of the opening angle of the squeezing roller is controlled. When the pressing force is too small, the strength of the weld metal decreases, and cracking occurs after the force is applied. When the pressing force is too large, the welding strength is lowered, and the amount of external burrs is increased, which easily causes welding defects such as lap welding.

4) During the slow start of the welded pipe unit, close attention should be paid to the rotation of the rolls in each part, and the rolls should be adjusted at any time to ensure that the welding quality and process size of the welded pipe meet the specified requirements.

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