Applying for Indian Visa: Here are Popular Cities in India Not to Miss

India, known for its authenticity worldwide is the most loved place among all the beautiful countries globally. Be it about the variations in culture or historical contrasts or disparities in flora and fauna, India is worth experiencing. There are over thousands of foreigners applying for Indian Visa online each year to experience the beauty of being at one of the most loved countries but, at times they get confused with what to visit and what to not. To help nationals get over the hectic situation, this article aims at mentioning all the popular cities in India that are sure to stun them with their incredible sights.

#1 Delhi

The first and foremost city that tops the chart of the popular cities in India is the heartiest city Delhi. This glorious place marks some important spots from the historic days and signifies the imperial landmarks. With a plethora of places to see, Delhi won’t give you a chance of boredom strike in your head. From the exalted Mughal architecture to the gratifying India Gate, foreigners are sure to find themselves in aesthetic bliss.

#2 Kochi

Kochi is another most-visited place in India that stays busy with thousands of national coming from around the world. This center of devotionalities clearly reflects the piousness in the air and lands you in a state of holy creeds. Also known as Cochin, the striking beaches are perfect to make your evenings just so better. Furthermore, the opulent mangrove trees reflecting in the backwaters of the place are just an added-up sight to the beauty of Kochi.

#3 Mumbai

The city that doesn’t sleep in the night is what Mumbai is known for. The largest city in India, traveling to Mumbai is a must when you are packing your bags for India. In case you are a heritage lover and more of a historical person wanting to soothe your soul with some great artistic work, the caves of Ajanta and Ellora in Mumbai are sure to give it all to you.

#4 Jaipur

Famously known as the Pink City of India, the city signifies rich heritage at every step. The splendid structures and the hospitality of the people are truly the tremendous reminders of the past times. From the age-old royal palaces to the gigantic forts expanding over the massive land to the artistic residents, every bit of Jaipur indicates the royal heritage.

#5 Agra

Traveling to India and, not coming to Agra is a complete injustice. Your trip to India is almost incomplete without visiting the astonishing sights of the wonders Taj Mahal. With its name under the most prominent sights in India, Agra marks a historical landmark and is an epitome of love built by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Don’t forget to add these popular cities in your favorite list before traveling to the country with your Indian Visa.


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