Avoiding Common Mistakes in Your Literature Review

Now that you are enrolled in masters or doctoral program, you would be required to write an impeccable research work known as dissertation or thesis. The dissertation or thesis are demanded to be written with utter perfection and in-depth investigation about a topic or subject. A dissertation or thesis tends to revive any new or existing research problem by digging deep its facts and figures. It is especially in the field of law that the researcher has to provide maximum evidence to support his research work, therefore, they may refer to Law Dissertation Help for professional assistance. A researcher invests at least years of hard work to formulate a single chapter or back up his research topic.

A researcher has to investigate all the previously published journals, research papers, research articles, and books to find supportive material that supports the arguments of the dissertation. Providing existing research content to support the study in the form evidence is referred to the literature review. However, students of master and Ph.D. are well-aware of the difficulties they have to combat for writing relevant literature and executing it in the dissertation. Students are well aware that writing a literature review section is a prolong process it may take up to months for finding relevant literature. It involves several steps and pitfalls that make the students puzzled.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Your Literature Review

We are well aware of the struggles and challenges a student have to go through and combat, therefore, this blog this dedicated to resolving their issues. This blog includes the best tips to avoid a common mistake that a student attempt while writing a literature review.

  1. Eliminating Emotional Appeal: While writing the literature review it is important to ensure that it is representing the existing information or material that has already been published. You simply have to present back up evidence or logical flow of your topic with respect to other researches. Therefore it should merely be a representation of the previous literature and never include any emotional appeal.
  2. Including Personal Opinions: Literature review including presenting the existing information on your topic. It has nothing to do with what you think of the previous researches. Being a researcher you are encouraged to critically analyze the lacking in the text however, you should not present your viewpoints of opinion to contradict with literature review.
  3. Refrain From Plagiarizing: While writing the literature review even in your own words, a researcher is highly requested to give due credits to the original authors of the researches. If the content is incorporated in the dissertation as some of the previous researches, it will result in plagiarism. The researcher should cite and reference the sources properly to eliminate any chances of plagiarism in the literature.
  4. Inserting URL In Text: The most unethical problem most of the students attempt while writing the literature review is collecting information and incorporating them in the dissertation along with citing complete links of sources. It seriously works like an eyesore to the readers. In-text citation means to mention the names of the author along with the name of the research and year of publication.
  5. Giving Credits: Most of the student fails to understand the correct format of in-text citation. They mistake referencing the sources with first name, last name, research title along with the year of publication. However, to share due credit’s in a literature review, a student should write the last name of the author, title of research along with year of publication only in-text citation.
  6. Lack of Background Information: While writing the literature review most of the students commits the mistake of directly stating the finding or conclusion of published researches. A researcher should start the literature review by stating the relevant key terms and basic background information about the topic. Then he should come up to discussing the researches.
  7. Improper Formatting: It is absolutely correct to say that writing a literature review is not an easy task. Maintaining or mentioning different researches making proper sense is absolutely challenging. Therefore the literature review should be writing an introduction, body and concluding paragraphs. The collected researches should be discussed in them then.
  8. Inappropriate Material: It is not important to write all the researches you find according to your topic. Rather you should include the content in your literature review that is closest to explaining your topic or providing evidence to support it. Also, it is important to make sure that literature included should not be biased, a researcher should include both anti and pro researches to the topic.

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