Best Pipe Clamp Manufacturer Jeong Coupling Company in Korea

MP JOINT takes rank with other popular brands globally, thanks to its good quality and reasonable price. We export 70% of our production to 40 countries including Japan, Singapore, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, and USA under “MP JOINT” or by ODM. In Korea we supply couplings to many big and small companies. We will continue to improve our products and develop new products in order to help your piping work. Please keep your interest in our company and products.

Jeong Woo Coupling is specialized in manufacturing pipe couplings and repair clamps since its establishment in 1995.Coupling for pipe connection and Clamp for pipe repair have many advantages and can replace welding, flange, or other classical methods of piping. With our own technology and ISO 9001 process, MP JOINT is approved by major classification societies of ship industry as well as water organization in Korea (KWWA) and water & fire in Japan (JWWA).

By choosing a proper gasket according to the fluid and its temperature, couplings can be used for various industries and various applications. Also, couplings can be used for pipes of various materials such as steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, plastic, and fiber glass.

Hinge Type

Hinge Type Clamp has a hinge at the opposite side of the lock, and this enables you to open the joint and cover the damaged part of a pipe easily and quickly.

Bolt-rotating hinge type

This is the upgraded version of MJH, the Hinge Type Repair Clamp. You can lock the clamp up by simply swiveling the bolt one end of which is already inserted into the bar nut, fitting into the bar washer, and bolting up. The process is very simple and shortens working time more than 30% compared to MJH.

  • Now is on preparation of mass-production.
  • Please refer to standard of MJH(hinge type).

Multi lock type – 2 locking parts

These clamps are composed of two, three, or four separate slides with locks at each ends. So, they have better tightening and wider range of allowable OD, and it is easy to install even at large diameter pipes. They are also used for new connection or partial replacement of a pipe.

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