Boiler Insurance Cover

That trundling old boiler sat steadily working away in your airing cupboard helps make your house a home. It gives warmth, without a boiler you would be driven to hunting the forests for firewood and what with working from nine till five and then having to take your son to rugby practice and then having to take the time to tell him off for gouging another boy in the scrum when he thought no one was looking, you really don’t have time to heat the house yourself.

A warm home is a happy home, it saves the stress of shivering and it also saves your kids from complaining when they’re forced to wrap up in extra layers including the horrible Christmas sweaters their nan knits every year. A warm house is a healthier home, although it is a myth that being cold can be the direct cause of a cold or flu, the link does seriously exist as cold conditions are known to lower the immune systems, therefore, making people more susceptible to illness.

That shows how valuable your boiler is, but does boiler insurance go hand in hand?

Well yes, a broken boiler means you’ve immediately lost all the positives provided by the warm glow of central heating. A burst pipe can be a show-stopping the catastrophe, not only stopping the heating but potentially flooding and ruining the house. Having fully comprehensive insurance will save the day, it means there is already a plan in place so a mechanic will arrive as soon as possible to fix it with no extra charge, meaning all you need to worry about is collecting the dripping water in a bucket.


The feeling of security given by boiler insurance will help your home life thanks to the relief of stress. One of the worst conditions of modern society, stress, even light amounts of it, make people’s moods worse, less tolerant and less calm to think issues through properly, making them more inclined to jump to conclusions. The effect of stress will turn a minor disagreement into all-out war, and in a busy household, there are enough little conflicts without having them exacerbated.

So although a boiler might not directly make you feel pleased, maintaining an efficient, fully insured boiler saves you from potential reservoirs of stress that can develop from faulty plumbing.

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