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Marriage and engagement is something that always remains special for every couple. In order to make it memorable for the whole life, couples do not leave any stone unturned. The beautiful journey begins with engagement, when you wear ring in your partner’s finger and become couple for a whole life.

Rings hold special place in everyone heart, therefore, couples pay special attention while selecting a ring.  By the way, wearing rings in partner’s finger is all about expressing their love for each other. Likewise, engagement ring is a promise to be together for rest of the life. Some people prefer gold ring, however, some people love to wear diamond rings. People shop diamond rings online as wells as directly to the market.

In Indian culture, ring ceremony is a compulsory occasion, where couples exchange rings with each other. It is basically a public announcement of marriage. There are different ways in India to show that you are married some women show by wearing mangalsutra, however some women toe rings, whereas some women wear ring in his finger.

There are different purposes of wearing rings in the world. Some people propose their partner by wearing rings in his finger, whereas most of the women prefer to wear ring in a regular life.  it has been always special to wear diamond ring among the women not only in India but across the world. Wearing diamond ring is as important as wearing favorite dress on a special occasion. Rings in finger enhance overall appearance of a women or it dramatically enhances the personality of a person. This is why; over the decades wearing rings is a culture in the world.

Most importantly, rings are being considered best as gifting purposes. Whether it is birthday celebration or marriage anniversary, you can surprise your partner with a diamond ring packed in a beautiful gift box. This will indeed make her feel special and turn her birthday or anniversary into a memorable one.

The years pass but the trend of wearing rings remains intact. Even, it gets increased with passing years as cutting-edge designs of rings introduce in the market. If you want to enhance your look by cutting-edge diamond rings, you should visit website of the ShipJewel, a celebrated online jewellery portal. Here you find variant of diamond jewellery online with different size, shape and designs.

Not only diamond rings, but ShipJewel offers a range of diamond jewellery that include earrings, pendants, couple bands, mangalsutra, bracelets, bangle, necklaces and solitaires. Besides, if you want to buy gold mangalsutra online, it is our available on our site. You only have to select and order favorite piece of gold mangalsutra and it will be at your door step on a mentioned date.

ShipJewel is a reliable source where you get what you see. The company is certified by the government and ensures you get authentic pieces of jewellery whether it is rings or other piece of diamond jewellery. So, do not wait anymore, visit the website where you come across comprehensive and beautiful collection of diamond and gold Jewellery.



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