Common Accidents To Avoid This Winter

You can blame it on the eggnog but statistics show that accidents are more common during holiday periods. A planning can help make the holidays safer for you, your family and guests and avoids the hassle of filing insurance claims during the holidays.


Christmas tree fires are common during the holiday season. If your family uses natural trees, make sure to pick a fresh, deep green tree. Cut a couple of inches off the bottom at an angle, water it and make sure it has plenty of water everyday. Keep the tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators and heaters. Artificial trees may also catch on fire. To help reduce the fire risk, use LED lights.

If you are decorating outside your come, avoid overloading outlets. Do not use more than three strings of lights per outlet and replace cords that show signs of wear.

Fireplaces are also a big fire risk during the winter season. If you are burning a fire, keep these tips in mind if you plan to use yours:

  • Before starting a fire, make sure the flue is open
  • Keep a screen on at all times to keep sparks from starting a fire
  • Do not burn a fire for more than four hours

Slips and falls

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries in the home. With icy sidewalks, the chance for falls increases over the winter. Keep the outside of your house properly lit to prevent injuries. Shovel snow as soon as possible and put down salt to prevent ice from forming.

If a guest slips, trips or falls in your home, you may be liable for any injuries sustained. Personal liability coverage in a homeowners insurance policy can protect a property owner from these types of claims.


Between Christmas and New Year’s fatalities involving intoxicated drivers increase by 34 percent. If you are attending or hosting a holiday party, ensure everyone that is drinking has a designated driver. 

Stop serving alcohol before the celebration ends and offer rides or a place to sleep for people that have had too much to drink.

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