Countering a Rejected Visa Application

As unpredictable as life is, sometimes things do not go exactly according to plan. For instance, you have everything planned out for a trip to Australia, but your visa application gets refused at the last second, pouring cold water on all your intricately-detailed plans Migration Agent in Melbourne!

However, you should not lose hope. Instead, contact eduaid ASAP to get your problem fixed, as the following scenario explains perfectly:

Problem: Visa application refused due to a lack of proper information provided

As the year draws to its end, we are approaching Christmas and New Year’s Eve with increasing vigour every day. One of the most popular tourist destinations to spend the festive period is Australia, with the New Year’s celebrations in the country being among the best in the world for the past few years running. So, naturally, there will be a plethora of people applying for the Visitor Visa (subclass 600) looking to spend this festive period in Australia.

However, there is a chance that in your excitement in looking ahead to getting lost in the midst of the festivities in Australia, you fail to include a vital piece of information – such as the balance of your bank statement – in your visa application. This ultimately leads to your visa application getting rejected.

To get out of this problem, you should consult eduaid for the best professional help you can get regarding lodging a visa application.

Solution: eduaid – Highest standard professional immigration services to correct any mistakes in your visa application

Once you get in touch with us, we will immediately review your rejected visa application, identify where you went wrong, and provide you with the best possible way to correct it. You will get to know about the option to have the decision made on your visa application reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), which often leads to a reversal of the original decision.

We will help you with the necessary modifications to your paperwork and inform you of which pieces of information you need to include – or exclude, for that matter. In other words, we will go the extra mile in ensuring you are granted your Visitor visa, so that you can enjoy the festive period to the fullest.

Our professionalism and dedication is bound to leave you speechless, as it has done to every other client we have had over our practice of almost 20 years. Get in touch with us today, and let us handle all your troubles.

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