Curse the Terrorists

Terrorism that used to be south east Asian problem is now a global epidemic. Hardly any day goes by when peace loving people of this world hear the news of some cowardly act from someone somewhere, Terrorism is killing more people than are dying naturally, forget about the indirect casualties and losses. It may also seem that all Government efforts in fighting terror are inadequate. But it is a very hard truth that whatever the government does will fall short of a winning fight against terror until the people starts fighting this evil. People of not only the land but from every country have to come together to curb this menace. Every citizen or for that matter every peace-loving person of every terror infected country is more than willing to contribute to kill terrorism from this earth.
The million-dollar question however is What should I do to prevent these terror attacks? What the governments of the day with their might and resources have failed to achieve, how can a normal helpless citizen with no resources can achieve?
With very minimal effort of exploring History one gets to learn the practice of Penance power, the power of devotion, truth and character. History is replete with examples of enormous might in the penance power of Truthful, Innocent and an Honest person. As a boon it has come to help for the distressed and the needy people. In modern day people praying together has made miracles happen. In the same way Cursing by people have the effect that can disrupt destructive energies. Same power of Cursing had been used by saints to safeguard from the evil forces of Asurs & Rakshasas.
Boon / Cursing, is the science of using the might of Words energized by Penance power. Boon comes to aid for the helpless and needy while a person Curses another for the wrong doing. We have seen resilient societies pray together, do candle marches for the benefits of victims of terrorism. However, we need to come together now to Curse the practitioners of terror. Cursing takes away the power of the people to do any bad or harmful to people
The practice of Cursing that has been extensively used across Ages, across History, Civilizations, and mythologies. Tribals of Solomon Island cursed and yelled at trees that lead to tree becoming weak and falling down on its own. Greek, Roman and Hindu mythology have shown enormous powers of this practice in curbing the devil forces. Puranas and Epics have shown Saints cursing evil forces to limit, restrict or destroy evil forces. Jesus cursed the fig tree and the fig tree withered down immediately is not so far an example of power of cursing. Atharva Veda was first to document the use of cursing against the unknown objects/persons or powers. The penance energy on the Words of the innocent has enormous powers to act remotely.
Todays terrorists are no less than Asurs & Rakshasas of history. As an individual I may not be a saint with complete penance power, however a collection of millions like me will form many saints whose combined powers will kill any terrorist practice. So people of this country come together to Curse terrorism from your heart, and we sure will have a safer society.

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