Distinct Advantages Achieved By SSD Hosting And How It Helps Host Faster Websites

HDD servers are standard when it came to hosting websites, but they have their setbacks in terms of both functionality and endurance. A HDD based server can be noisy and is likely to get impaired losing its ability to serve data at a faster rate. So it is important that the hostings you choose for your website has something superior over the HDD to provide flexibility and speed. There are several types of hosting services available for web hosting and SSD has proved to be versatile in all departments.


Benefits of opting for SSD hosting service


By opting for SSD or solid state drive server, you obtain a host of benefits that are superior to the HDD. Structured with less moving parts, the disks prove to be far superior to HDD in terms of movement and speed. They hardly experience wear and tear and can withstand physical impacts well. Here are the benefits of installing SSD servers for websites:


  • More resistant to physical impact
  • Soundless while running
  • Do not heat up as quick as HDD
  • Access time is lower to HDD
  • Consumes less power
  • Do not experience mechanical failures
  • Don’t require defragmentation


Significant Improvements made in SSD


Earlier people assumed that SSD has limited storage capacity, but things have changed rather drastically. Now you have far greater storage space with SSD over HDD. The contemporary SSD drives can hold 5 times greater data than the conventional hard disks.


Another significant improvement is the consumption of electricity as they produce less power bills. They also produce reduced heat when you compare disks that are equivalent in capacity.  These advantages are highly significant in data centers because they need enlarged storage capacity and 24 x 7 running time. It should be noted here that data centers incur higher expenses on cooling and power bills. These data center are also forced to limit the storage density of the hard drives.


Benefits of using SSDs in Datacenters


  • High-capacity datacenter equipped with cool solid state drives could hold more terabytes and within the same real estate space occurring low maintenance costs.


  • Web hostings is greatly helped with reliable SSD as they are able to provide better uptime. Hard drive storage do not stop working at once as they become unreliable gradually. Provider has to identify the malfunctioning drive and take it out of service to bring normalcy to the data center. But with the higher capacity of the SSD storage with the longer MTBF you have lesser chances of these incidences.


  • Websites can be loaded at a faster rate with SSD and a website located in a SSD backed data center will load 300% faster than the HDD. This gives your website the faster edge you are primarily looking for to enhance user experience.



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