Earning Money Without Capital (Newest Techniques)

Monetization of the Internet has been flourishing in the country for many years, and many people live their lives through internet earnings . Given the high cost of traditional businesses, Internet business has grown significantly over the last few years.

If you look at the Internet for earning money from the Internet , monetizing the Internet or earning revenue , there are many sites that advertise on this and try to enter the business in different ways. Of course, whether these sites have real and reliable Internet earnings should be discussed separately.

In this article, we intend to provide training on non  capitalized Internet- based methods .

(Updated on 11/13/2013)

Why Make Money Online?

As we mentioned above, there are many sites that encourage Internet users to earn revenue from the Internet.Now, we want to investigate why internet earnings are important and why we should look for internet revenue. The reasons why you need to set up your own Internet business and earn money from the Internet are as follows:

Make Money Online Without Capital

To set up an internet business, you do not have to pay any fees if you do not need a site, and if you need to have a website, you need to have a site with low capital. Of course, you should pay attention that you can pay for any activity on the Internet and monetizing the Internet. For example, if you pay for a site design, you can compensate for this by paying regular and regular planning. Although you can create a website with WordPress, do not pay for the site.

Earn money from the Internet in any place

You do not have to have a business office to pay for renting, so you can earn money from the Internet. When you are going to manage your Internet business through your mobile or PC, you do not need to have a home office or a local office to do your job . If you are going to travel, you do not need to take a vacation; you can experience internet profits from any city and village you travel.

Make money online in the hours you like

When you are managing Internet work yourself and you are going to have an Internet income, then there’s no limit to choosing your working time. You can access the Internet at any time of the day that you have time and improve your Internet business and have 24  hour Internet revenues .

Unlimited customers

When it comes to starting your business on the Internet, you should expect to have a customer from every city and country. Your other customers are not limited to the streets of your city and can be your Internet business anywhere and make money online.

These are just a few of the reasons you need to make money from the Internet.

I suggest that you read the article  13 Great Reasons to Start an Internet Business  .

In the future, we plan to introduce models through which you can earn revenue. You can choose at least one of these models according to your requirements.

Earn money online by selling physical products

The most commonly used model for the general public is the same model. In this model you have to create and prepare a physical product and then sell it via the internet. You can sell these products from your website or online stores or auction sites.

When you sell physical products through the Internet, other customers will not need to be in touch, and online shopping will be easier for them.

Customers can study images and descriptions, as well as user comments, and then go with a view to buying them.

Many traditional stores also design an online store alongside their own stores, and they also make money online.

Earn money online by selling services

Services are better than physical products for sale on the Internet because they are not intended to ship physical goods.

Various services such as language teaching, music education, graphic instruction, site design training, SEO training and any other services can be done through the Internet without physical presence.

The advantage of the service is that you generate one content once and you can sell it several times. For example, you are preparing a music training file and placing it on your website or online stores, and it can be done several times.

Make money online through video files

Video files are one of the most commonly used formats for making money online. There are many people who prefer watching clips to read text or listen to audio files.

You can create and sell clips in any area you specialize in.

I suggest that you read the article  on video marketing and SEO  .

Earn money online by selling ebooks

In any area you specialize it is enough to put a pen or turn on your computer and start typing. Simply by using the Word environment, you can type your educational content, then convert it to a pdf file and publish it through the Internet and eventually earn a home Internet income .

The difference between ebooks and physical books is that they do not require any cost or permission to produce them, and you can simply generate them at no cost.

You can start a website today and start generating pdf files and sell them through your site and taste the tastes of internet.

If you do not want to have a site, you can upload and sell your files through Iranian and foreign file sales sites.

Of course, first of all, you need to make a free Ebook and publish on the Internet so that Internet users will get to know you and then sell them.

If you already have a website and articles published in it, you can complete the same articles and become a booklet. You can also publish your content via a social network.

Allow the publication of your booklet with the source. This will make your reputation as much as possible.

You can publish a kuchi part of your pdf files for free, and finally encourage enthusiasts to go to a specific link and download it completely.

If you design your own books professionally, they will attract more attention and more.

Earn money online by selling podcasts

Many people have earned internet revenue these days by producing audio podcasts. Many people think that podcasts are out of place despite video files on the Internet. It is true that the videos are more attractive to watch, but there are reasons we suggest that you can also make money by generating audio podcasts. Voice memos have many benefits to some of them:

While driving, people can not watch video on their car or mobile phone, but they can easily listen to the sound. One of my friends who is involved in the insurance business, because he has a lot of work and is often driving, preferring to buy insurance educational audio files and listen to the car.

When walking, most people listen to audio files. These files may be tracks or podcasts.

Many people are listening when working, if their work does not require a lot of concentration. Typists, hairdressers or taxi drivers, for example, and many other people prefer to take full advantage of their time.

There are so many people who do not have the time to read a book or watch a movie. These people have no option but audio files.

Audio podcasts can be easily created even from your mobile phone at no cost and can be edited through audio editing software.

This is just enough to make you realize that you can still earn revenue from audio podcasts. For this reason, we want to look at the issues that should be considered for the production of podcasts:

  • Select the right theme to generate podcasts

To start a podcast, you must first target a specific subject or market. You can not create podcasts that cover everyone in the community.

Find a section of the market or community that interests you and those people are also interested in audio podcasts.

You have to see what people are now interested in. For example, making money online or earning money at home is something that can be a good audience due to bad people’s earnings.

  • Best podcast production

You should create podcasts to attract more audiences. The podcasts you produce should have good sound quality and pay attention to the concerns of the community day and it’s something that people tend to use.

  • Make money online via podcast

If you have products and services that can be converted into audio podcasts, you can make money through them, or convert other products to podcasts and get a sales quote.

  • Audio Podcaster Specialist

If you do not have a specific idea for producing podcasts, you can turn the products and articles of other sites into podcasts. If you can do this professionally, be sure that many website managers will come to you.

Monetize the Internet from external sites

External sites are one of the places where you can make money online. The reason it’s better to make money online from foreign sites is that they are more expensive than dollars and other foreign currencies. Note that when you convert your earnings to Rial, it will be a good thing. Making money online from external sites can be done through activities such as copywriting, site design and many other things.

Make Money From The Internet

Make money online by typing

There are many websites and companies that have a lot of typos and they hire someone for work. By learning how to type fast-paced ten-finger, you can  make money on the Internet during your vacant days  . In this way, you can use the shortest time possible to make money online. Also, if you work with a computer or your first job is with a computer, learning to type fast can save you a lot of time. In this case, you can tap with a double beam by learning how to type fast. Sites  Yvtayp  and Typography   can learn the Ten Thumbs Typing Farsi and English to help you a lot.

Monetize the Internet by working on the freelance recruitment sites

Freelance is one of the most popular jobs in the world. If you would like to work for yourself and be your own boss, you will need to do this with Freelance. Many companies employ Freelancers instead of hiring people. In order to be able to  earn money online,  it’s enough to register as a freelancer on sites that are active in this area. Places like  Ponisha  and  Kareish  are active in the field of free trade.

From Freelance can be both the first job and the second job. Given the power that this method has for making money online, you can use it as a first job or spend less time and look at it as a second job.

Make money online through translation

An interpreter can make you great internet revenue for you. There are many people who are looking for an interpreter in their field to translate their required content into Persian.

If you speak foreign languages ​​like English, French, Russian, Japanese, or any other language you can earn money online.

There are many sites that use external sites to provide content for their site. Even a large number of them prefer to use foreign sites other than English. For example, sites in Russian, Japanese or French. Contact web site managers and offer them and send them samples. Be sure that the idea of ​​an internet business can make you an ideal Internet experience.

Conclusion and ending speech

As stated in this article,  Internet revenue is  one of the highest paid jobs with low capital. That is, if you implement it well, you can earn extra money.

Of course, you should take into account your expertise and interest in setting up your own internet business to earn revenue.

This article is updated every week.

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