Fake Uber Drivers Reports Increase

More cases are being reported throughout the country by ride-share passengers claiming to have been robbed or assaulted by individuals posing as their drivers.

Recently, a young woman in Las Vegas was allegedly abducted in the Strip by a man posing as an Uber driver. She realized she was in the wrong car when her real Uber driver called her to notify her he had arrived. She was able to escape by jumping out of the moving car.

The Chicago Police Department is also warning anyone who uses these ride-share apps of a new wave of robberies from fake ride-share drivers. At least seven people have reported being robbed by force or gunpoint in the early morning hours.

Reports of robbery and assault by fake Uber drivers are increasing throughout the country. It is crucial to remain vigilant and not be lured by people claiming to be ride-share drivers.

Generally, people do not make the necessary safety checks before entering a car. To prove this point, Jeff Rosen, an investigative reporter for TODAY posed as a fake Uber driver and was shocked to see just how distracted and vulnerable people were and how many actually got inside his car.

To avoid getting into a potentially dangerous situation, the San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon launched an awareness campaign with the help of the San Francisco police department and Uber.

“Rideshare companies offer a convenient service,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “These services generally operate effectively, but they can be manipulated to attract unsuspecting victims. Together, we can take steps to create a safer experience for a service so many rely on.”

Rideshare With Care includes 3 steps passengers are encouraged to follow to ensure their safety:

  1. Verify the license plate number, color, make and model of the car ordered through a ride-share app.
  2. Confirm the driver’s name before sharing your own and make sure it matches the information provided by the app.
  3. Share your location and destination with friends and family.

Uber already has its own, similar safety tips for riders. These include verifying the driver, car and license plate number with the information listed on the ride-share app. Anyone with an issue verifying any information should not get in the car and report the problem to Uber immediately.

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