Global Agricultural Lubricant Market: Technology, Applications, Growth and Status 2023

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Agricultural lubricants play an essential role in the maintenance and up-keep of different farm equipment. Important agricultural machinery such as tractors, plows, balers, harvesters, etc. have a heavy workload and need to be lubricated thoroughly on a regular basis. With the rising demand for latest agricultural equipment, the demand for agricultural lubricants has also witnessed significant growth as they help with an economy of fuel, enhancement of productivity, modernization of agriculture and extensive support from government to boost the agriculture industry.

The report on global Agricultural Lubricant Market presents the crux of over 300 hours of synergized efforts of analysts, industry experts, and academician to assess the present market scenario. The findings are substantiated by a thorough analysis of the agricultural lubricant industry value chain coupled with exhaustive secondary and primary research.

As per the report, the global agricultural lubricant market was estimated at US $XXX billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US $ XXX billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of XXXX % during 2017–2023. Most of the demand for agricultural lubricants originate from the Asia Pacific region as many people being involved in agriculture in big countries like India and China.

The primary growth driver behind the increasing demand for agricultural lubricants is the growing support from government and local authorities in the form of monetary assistance to enhance food production through adoption of modern techniques. Also, the reduction in traditional agricultural practices and adoption of mechanized practices has led to an increase in demand for agricultural equipment globally. With agriculture now being practiced over the whole year, the machinery has higher chances of a breakdown. Users are becoming aware that lubricating equipment correctly ensures longer life and optimal performance. With the rising global population, the production of agricultural commodities is going to witness a significant rise in the coming years to keep up with the demand. This factor will ensure that the need for agrarian lubricants stays strong in the subsequent years.

The only challenge is posed by the phenomenon of global warming, which has led to erratic weather patterns that affect the growth of the crops. In terms of demand, India and China have almost 60% of their population dependant on agriculture as a profession and are the two biggest consumers of agricultural lubricants followed by other Asian countries.

The leading corporations that influence the global agricultural lubricant market are Exxon Mobil Corporation, Shell, Chevron Corporation, Total, Exol Lubricants, BP PLC and Fuchs Petrolub SE. Exxon Mobil Corporation provides with a full range of motor oils, from conventional to advanced synthetic, high-performance to high-mileage, for everything from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty equipment.

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Our Approach
We believe in a systematic approach towards the problem at hand. The process begins with the identification of a challenge/opportunity, followed by an exhaustive brainstorming by in-house and consulting experts.

Based on the outcomes, an in-depth research (primary & secondary) is carried out to collect industry insights. The data is then analysed by a gamut of techniques (Statistics, Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Analytics) to derive inter-disciplinary deductions that are executable and result in value creation.

Hence, the global agricultural lubricant market is segmented based on type (Synthetic lubricant, mineral oil lubricant, bio-based lubricant), application (Gear & transmission, engines, hydraulics, greasing, others), and geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America). Lubricants produced from different sources were mapped with different applications in agriculture and the insights were later consolidated in the report.

Contents of the report:
– Insight on the current industry dynamics
– Estimation of the current market size in terms of value and volume
– Market breakup based on type, application, and geography
– Substantiated market forecasting for the next five years
– Detailed analysis of the key companies operating across different nodes of agricultural lubricant industry value chain

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