How Leather Watch Band Over Rules The Rubber And The Metal?

Most of us glance at our smartphones instead of watches when asked for the time. The classic timepiece is always in trend. Watches have been in fashion for long, though the look has been changing every year. Watches aren’t just functional, but a fashion statement too. They are not just something you bring out for special occasions or formal meetings but an everyday necessity for your look. Watches are a wardrobe must-have for every man. Watch bands play a key role in enhancing the value of the watches. The article focusses on that particular piece.

Choosing an appropriate watch band can create a huge difference not only in the appearance of your watch but also in the comfort and durability. In recent years, fashion developments have helped replace watch bands with those of your choice if you love the face of the original watch but not its band.

Watch bands can be categorised into three broad samples- Sport, metal and leather watch bands for watches of all models and sections. However, when choosing a watch band from the numerous varieties available, do not go only on the looks of the band. The watch band plays not only a striking effect in its appearance but also on its functionality.

The Sport watch bands are specially designed for those who have an active lifestyle. These watch bands have high durability and are light in weight. These bands are specially designed to resist the effects of water, dirt and sweat while you are on the go. Innovative combinations of different colours and designs are available for different sport watch brands.

The leather watch bands are more aesthetic and have this fine luxurious looking texture that gives it a vintage look. Leather watch bands are the most comfortable and skin friendly among the three types. The upgraded, thicker leather bands are the best wears this season. Even the ICON watch brand, VIKING has a premier collection of leather watch bands. Cowhide leather has emerged as the most classic fashion statement for men, the last year.

Leather watch bands are also embossed with exotic equatorial patterns like lizard, alligator or stingray prints for an upscale, stylish look. The wild look suits the personality of the ‘always wild look’ for men. Be it a casual party, or a sports trip; the leather watch bands are the show stoppers.

Leather watch bands have not just one but a variety of reasons to be chosen over the others available. Some of the considerations include-

Leather watch bands have buckles and deployment clasps for easy adjustments. The deployment clasps adjust easily into the buckle holes. The deployment clasps are also great for easy on and easy off.

Although men are more interested in the appearance than the actual specifications and comfort of the watch band, it is essential to choose a band that is the best for you. Those who have sensitive skin should avoid the metal watch bands. Metal watch bands cause itching and irritation in the skin. Therefore, choosing a leather watch band would be a preferable option. Leather bands also have a longer life.

A classic watch face does not suit any or every watch band/strap. Also, the different watch bands have different looks and feel based on the material they are made up of. One has to be very careful while choosing a watch band that perfectly complements his lifestyle and fashion. Careful consideration and study of the points in the article might help you determine the perfect leather watch band or the ideal watch strap for you based upon different factors like taste, choice, comfort and much more.

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