How students should manage their time and stress during exams?

Racing heartbeats, sleepless nights and humongous amount of pressure. We all have been through those days when the syllabus never seemed to end. Even if it did seem to end, the feeling of forgetting every little formula that we memorized never seemed to fade away. Yes, my friend, you read it right, these are nothing but our examination days. After a long duration of hard work working on assignments, identifying essay topics, and working tirelessly to meet expectations of professors, it is the huge stress of exams that comes up as a big challenge. The ultimate success thus lies in the power of how well a student can transform this stress into productive energy and how well he manages his time during those D-days. Here are some scientifically proven tips for effective time and stress management for the perusal of you all.

  1. Plan your schedule for the day and try to stick to that.

An organised day and a well-planned day is the first step towards any stress-free endeavour. If you plan your day in advance with respect to the syllabus or the topics to be covered, and assign specific slots to specific chapters as per their importance, it helps you to keep your anxiety in control. This not only helps in managing your stress but is also the ultimate step towards time management.

  1. Get good and enough sleep.

Shortage of sleep during exams seems to be a common sin. But as rightly mentioned, it still remains a “sin”. Our body is biologically made and manufactured in such a way that it functions efficiently only after a dedicated amount of relaxing sessions that it gets via sleep. This is the reason why it is very important to never compromise with your sleep and allow your body to have a proper 8 hour long sleeping session in one go. This stands true even during the examination days. This is where #Rule 1 comes into play.


  1. Start your day with a 10 minutes quick warm-up session.

It has constantly been proven that starting your day with a high intensity aerobic activity session energises your body and makes it capable so as to face an exhausting day. A quick jogging, biking, walking or even a yoga session completely rejuvenates your body and provides an instant streak of enthusiasm into it.


  1. Schedule regular breaks of 10 minutes after every 45 minutes study session.

This technique not only helps in rejuvenating your energy but also keeps you focussed throughout those 45 minutes study sessions. This practice ideally resonates to keep your mind on track and hence increases your learning and grasping efficiency.


  1. Dedicate sometime to your hobby.

Pursuing your hobby is the best recreation technique. Having said that, this has to be done within a stipulated timeframe. During exams, a lot of time has to be dedicated to studies. So even if a person manages to steal 10-15 minutes for his hobby in a day, that serves the purpose.

To be able to manage your time efficiently is the most important asset any student can have. Proper implication of these techniques will not only help you in your stress and time management but will make you a cheerful and happy individual for life.

Wishing you all the very best for your upcoming exams.

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