How to Apply for an Indian Visa Online

The visitors who want to travel to India must obtain a visa from an Indian diplomatic commission unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries or a nation whose citizens may receive it on their arrival. In 2014, the government of the country decided to introduce an online visa policy. The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) replaced the special visa-on-arrival scheme in India. The visa is divided into three sub-categories: Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Medical Visa.

Due to its implementation, it has become easy to apply for an Indian visa or e-Visa because the process is fast, simple and straightforward. One can also get a tourist visa which is suitable for those who would like to visit India for tourism and other non-business purposes. In other words, Tourist Visa is applicable for a Foreigner who does not have a residence or occupation in India and whose objective is recreation, sight-seeing, casual visit, attending a short-term program and no other activity is allowed on an Indian Tourist Visa. The article below depicts the procedure to apply for an Indian visa:


There are various types of Indian Visas that you can apply for whereas, with e-Visa, there are three categories, which are e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, and e-Medical Visa. The citizen who needs an Indian e-visa must first determine whether they are eligible or not.


Original passport along with a photocopy of information as well as the signature page is required. The passport must be signed and valid for six months to stay in India as well as it must contain at least two blank pages for Indian visa stamps. Also, the improvement pages are not suitable for Indian visas.


The traveler must sign their form, and the signatures on the application must match with the applicant’s passport. The form must be printed on two pages and signed on both pages. Along with that the applicant must sign under their picture, and at the bottom of the second page.


The letter must explain the relationship with the applicant and the purpose of their travel. The information must match exactly with the information provided on the visa application form and other supporting documents. Apart from that, it must be signed and sealed on company letterhead by the host in India.


It is necessary to provide two colors, passport-type photograph that meets the required criteria. It must be taken within the last three months and printed on high-quality photo-paper along with taken against a white background. One should not wear eyeglasses nor headwear except for religious purposes.

To apply for an Indian visa online, one can also visit the authorized website of Government of India for any service, details or clarification.

Author’s Bio: Through the article, the author states the requirements to apply for an Indian visa online.


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