How to Avail Work Permit for Dubai

As Dubai whizzes up to the all-round development at break-neck speed, the demand of labour to sustain this rapid growth is at its peak. It not only is providing employment to the youth, but also increases the economical growth. A growth anticipating in each and every sector, drives the economy providing plentiful opportunities to both skilled and non-skilled laborers and the result is thousands of people in and around the world applying for work visa to build their career in Dubai. Every year, hundreds of youth from India flee to Dubai seeking better opportunities and so Dubai authority has put some norms before visa applicants.

Any expat, who is not a citizen of UAE, requires to apply for a visa to stay and work in Dubai. But before applying for such visas, one must get and secure their job in Dubai to avoid further troubles. If we talk about law, the employer must provide bear the costs related to the expenses of visa.

There are different kinds of work visa required for employment in Dubai depending on the work type and duration of stay. The UAE governments though simplify the process of obtaining visa, but still various documents and legalities are required to be submitted.

When you are visiting a country for employment, the first process you have to do, is to apply for a residence visa since you are going to stay in their country for a long period of time. Basically, the Dubai authority grants residence visa for maximum 3years. The documents required for residence visa are:

  • An application form needs to be submitted which you can get from Dubai embassy in India or directly contact Dubai visa consultant in Delhi
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Employee’s original passport and a copy
  • A valid copy of employment in the particular company
  • Entry permit issued by the ministry of labor
  • Application fee

Generally employer applies for visa on behalf of the employee.

Procedures to avail work permit:

  • The first step to get a work permit is to get approval from the ministry of labor. Employers, in general apply for it on behalf of the employees.
  • After this, the ministry issues permit, which allow employee to enter the UAE. The permit is valid for only two months.
  • After this, employee has to apply for labor card which is typically valid for two years.

Documents require for work visa:

  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Residency visa
  • Copy of passport
  • Sponsoring company’s commercial license
  • Health certificate

Immigration in search for survival has become a very common issue. It not only helps the employee to be economically stable, but also helps in growth of the economy of the employer country. To avoid difficulties in getting visa, one can contact Dubai visa agent in Delhi.

Emirates visa consultant in Delhi is well-experienced in all kinds of visa application and so if you are planning to shift to UAE, you can get the professional assistance from them.

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