How to get rid of Google redirect Virus?

When my computer was infect by the Google redirect virus, removal of the Google redirect virus was not possible using the usual antivirus software. The virus was changing all my search results, when I tried to search on Google, to malicious websites and it had generated many pop-ups to unrelated sites. The redirection of the search results caused a great loss of time and did not allowed me to properly find a removal service for the Google redirect virus.

To remove the Google Redirect virus was very exasperating. Most of the usual antivirus protection cannot scan and detect the virus and it will keep redirecting your Google search results, making it very difficult to hunt for methods for removal of the Google redirect virus. If you search for “Google redirect removal” and you will still see other non-related websites in the Google results. You can also get system error messages such as “DCOM server protocol launcher server terminated”. For me, I had to use another PC in order to search for a solution that actually works. I am guess that you could be using another computer as of now to find the solution to your problem.

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Your experience with the Google virus could be different as there are many different variations of the virus. There are a number of this variation of the viruses circulating and I tend to think that when the original virus started, it drew the attention of some virus developers as the redirection of search results was an innovative way of causing disruption and it could even be used to redirect traffic to money making sites by the virus developers. They are generating illegal traffic so that they are able to make money using the redirected traffic.

This method of removal that I will discussed below may not work for all variants of the virus. There are 3 different methods which have worked and you could try it out but always make sure you backup your registry and related files before doing anything.

One of the possible places that the virus can infect is the Hosts file. It is the file on your windows computer that controls the redirection of URL in IP addresses such as “localhost” to The Google redirect virus can change or add to this file so that your Google search engine results are redirected to their sites. To counter this problem, you open your Host file at “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”. If there are any lines of IP addresses other than “ localhost”, delete them all except for the localhost. This will solve the immediate problem of redirection, but you will still need to use a malware removal tool such as HitmanPro or Malwarebyte’s Antimalware to remove the virus. Both have a free version that is able to do the job.

The other infected area could be at the “atapi.sys”. This file can be infected by the Google redirect virus and there is no way of fixing it other to replace this file from another non-infected PC. After doing so, you will then need to do the removal using HitmanPro or Malwarebyte’s Antimalware.

If both methods cannot work, you may have to disable the TDSSserv.sys in your Device Manager. Go to your Device Manager and click on “View” and then “Show Hidden Devices”. Next find “TDSSserv.sys” and right click disable. After doing this, perform the removal using the free version of HitmanPro or Malwarebyte’s Antimalware. This should be able to remove the Google Redirect Virus once and for all.

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