Integrated Commercial projects in Dwarka Expressway

The real estate is currently booming in Gurgaon, and many residential and commercial projects are being developed in the prime locations of this city. Among the most prominent commercial projects in Dwarka expressway, Nimai Place is a recognised name that has launched a new line of commercial buildings. Nimai Place is essentially an integrated commercial complex which has a number of different components that make it unique. The mall like presence of Nimai Place is adorned with the retail stores that have been built to become the outlets of major brands on the ground and lower floors, and the rich commercial space for offices in the upper floors, which are deemed to become the business centers for the major corporations. Apart from these, Nimai Place also boasts of the studio apartments that can be rented out as service apartments, and several options for socialization, like night clubs, fine dine restaurants and food court with a number of food and beverage outlets. This integration of all the elements that is crucial for a commercial complex all under one roof has brought such recognition to this commercial complex.

Nimai Place is a perfect place to buy a commercial space because along with the characteristic properties, it also has so much more to offer, because of its strategic location. It is located right at Dwarka expressway near Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The idea of this location id that most of the business clients, who are located in the prime locations of Delhi NCR and in other cities have an easy access to Nimai Place through Dwarka expressway and IGI airport, making it a preferred location for business meetings, which can be spruced up with the meals in one of the fine dining options, snacks from the food court, or even an informal night out at the night club situated inside the building. The studio apartments also solve the issue of stay. Nimai Place is a building with rich character and amenities, and being at such a well thought out location, it is already seeing significant investor and buyer interest. There is no other commercial property in Dwarka expressway that is integrated in such a way that it can accommodate a wholesome commercial life within itself.

Nimai Place also boasts of a beautiful architectural design and tactful usage of available space to optimise for maximizing its utility. Each retail outlet is designed to have a clear view of street and each office complex is designed to utilize the maximum space available. The parking lot has also been built in to provide effective parking space solutions. The surrounding area of the building has been professionally landscaped to put the best decorative features like lush greens and water bodies into this commercial space, making it look more relaxing, at the same time, being vibrant for upping the energy and enthusiasm in each visitor.

Along with these features, Nimai Developers also plan to bring in advanced amenities to this place to ease up the commercial activities in this building. All these features make Nimai Place the most upbeat commercial office space in Gurgaon.

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