LEAP Summit 2018

Indian incorporation is driven largely by the small-medium enterprises and therefore its wellbeing greatly determines the economy, jobs and social growth. However, there are several challenges posed for MSMEs to grow beyond their current ability and hence they stagnate in many cases and in some cases unfortunately, show reversal in growth. A boost in their business approach with able support can surely change the fortunes of these companies.  Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru a premier Institution in the world is offering a rare and exciting opportunity for very select few MSMEs to grow their business with a 360 degree revolution approach.

On December 15th, 2018, A workshop called LEAP Summit 2018 is being conducted at the India Institute of Science (IISc) at their Bengaluru campus for visionary industry leaders who want to scale up their business to the next level.

The Summit highlights why SMEs have a stunted growth beyond a point. And shows them how they can break through the glass ceiling by investing in Design, Technology and Science as vehicles of accelerated and sustained  growth.

This Summit calls for a business owner or CXO level decision maker to Strategize Business better, identify possibilities of proprietary technology  platforms, develop product roadmaps complimenting their business model, and design new-age products for viable markets.

During this Summit, there will be unveiling of several new collaborative engagement models of TIME². You will also be able to understand how you can enlist yourself for any specific opportunities like the NxG Fellowship, SPACE Sessions and the LEAP Network.

Once you attend the Summit, thereafter TIME² will screen and evaluate each MSME very carefully and eventually a very small, select and exclusive number of organizations will begin the process of collaborative innovation.

Their previous events were attended by over 140 delegates of which 5 firms were selected to work on innovative ideas, generating 20 prototypes, 10 products and 6 patents.

The LEAP Summit 2018 is a first step and a must attend if you are in any form of manufacturing business and are very keen on pushing your business vision to the next level. If you missed this summit last time and wish to be part of it this year, then you may register on their website: http://sid.iisc.ac.in/time/time2leap/

IISc is one of the oldest institutes in the world with over hundred years of glorious history in the creation of original knowledge. TIME² works with midsized enterprises to put them on a disruptive growth path via innovation.

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