Learn About Obtaining Professional Bail Bonds in Broward County

When someone is arrested, you know they need the best bail bonds in Broward County. But, what does that mean exactly? What really is bail, and how much will it be? Bail is the amount of money a recently-arrested person, also known as the defendant, must post to be released from police custody until their trial date. Bail is not a “fine,” and is not supposed to be used as punishment. Instead, the purpose of bail is simply to ensure that defendants will appear for trial and all pretrial hearings for which they are legally required to be present. Because most people in Florida use a bail bonds company for their bail, this company now has an added interest in making sure the defendant returns when they are supposed to.

Bail isn’t the same for all defendants, even all defendants who have been accused of committing the same crime. The judge decides the amount of bail for a person by weighing many factors, including:

#1 The risk of the defendant fleeing
#2 The type of crime alleged
#3 How “dangerous” he or she feels the defendant is
#4 The safety of the community with the defendant free

In many cases, a defendant’s bail is conditioned on certain behavior. For example, that he or she have no contact with the alleged victim. It could also be that he or she not leave the area. If this condition is broken, bail is revoked and the person must return to jail for the remainder of the time they are waiting for trial.

There are occasional times when the judge will release defendants on their own recognizance, which means without a payment of money. This is done on the promise that they will appear for all hearings and for trial. This is usually done if the defendant has a steady job, roots in the community, family obligations, or other personal circumstances indicating that they will not flee.

Most often, though, an arrested person needs bail to get out and their loved ones must contact the best bail bonds in Broward County. If a defendant and their family and friends can’t come up with the amount of their bail they need, a bail bonds company will make arrangements for their release. In return for the defendant’s putting up a percentage of the total bond, usually 10 percent, the bondsman will guarantee the remaining amount to the court should the defendant not be present for any court appearance. This is a great way to have someone out of jail, not waiting for weeks, months or years, without spending more than you can afford.

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