Long-term and Short-term Side Effects of Opiate Abuse

Opiates are really bad things. They were not designed to be bad. In fact, they are life-saving painkillers. Doctors actually prescribe them for pain relief, however, some of the people prescribed with opiates tend to abuse them. That’s because opiates apart from relieving pain also provide a sense of well being. Which is addictive in itself?

Here are the long-term and short-term side effects of opiate abuse 

Opiates are really addictive, abusing them can a person everything including his life.

Short-Term Side Effects of opiate abuse 


A person consuming opiates lives in a sense of Euphoria. He is actually living in an altered state of reality. He cannot figure out what’s real and what’s not. Such a person will always look confused and will act so also.


When prescribed in a clinical environment opiates are often given with anti-nausea medication. They are known to cause severe nausea. However, a person sourcing his drug from nonmedical sources will not have the luxury of getting this add-on medication. Hence he would be often seen suffering from nausea. To prevent these addicts would stop eating and eventually become malnourished.

Memory Loss 

Often observed, opiate addicts don’t recall events that happened when they were high. This becomes really problematic in case of reporting for a crime.

Long-Term Side Effects of Opiate Abuse


Above 90% of opiate abusers and addicts suffer from constipation. This means that these addicts also have to take laxatives to promote a bowel movement.

Sexual Dysfunction

These drugs impair the way hormones function in the body. Hence the reproductive life of the addicts goes for a spin.


People on opiate often have their serotonin production completely scrambled. This leads to very low levels of serotonin in the body and the person becomes depressed. Even when they quit the drug the condition does not come back to normal and the person may be declared clinically depressed. 


Over the time the addicts don’t eat well hence making their immune systems pretty weak, this leads to a host of other medical conditions.




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