Main Engineering Fields Involved in Construction Industry

Housing is one of the earliest human needs. Nowadays, the construction industry is one of the largest industries in each country, which provides a key role in increasing the employment rate.

Due to the growth of population, there is a strong need for construction of new houses and apartments in the world. The housing industry can help to resolve the fundamental and persistent problem of employment in each country. This industry has the main role in employing engineers in different disciplines. In this report, VatanJob will provide the major engineering fields involved in this industry.


  • Architectural Engineering:

Over the past twenty years, architectural engineers were used to design very luxurious houses or large governmental projects; But nowadays, based on the increase in the housing price and rather low rate of architectural engineering services, builders are now eager to employ architectural designers which plays a great role in designing a house.

  • Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is the main field which is involved in construction of a house. Civil engineers are those who design the structure of the building and check if the structure can tolerate lateral loads such as earthquake and wind as well as vertical loads. Then they turn the design into reality. Their work also involves controlling the structural and architectural plans with the real project. Therefore, recruiting civil engineers for the building is so crucial in any project. The work of an architectural engineer with civil engineer may seem similar. But there are fundamental difference between them such as civil engineer considers the design of the structure of a building, but the architect, considers the aesthetic, psychological and cultural aspects of the building. 

  • Electrical Engineering:

Designing the earthing system, circuit breaker, and also lighting design are some of the main benefits of recruiting electrical engineers in the process of building a house. Moreover, nowadays by the advancement of technology, many new electrical systems are used in most of the apartments such as fire alarm sensors, CCTV cameras, remote doors, elevators, also the automation of thermal and cooling facilities.

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