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Tourism is one of the oldest industries, and since ancient times, tourists have been visiting India, writing about the richness here, like Hiuen Tsang, who came into the country to visit and know more of the world. The tradition of visiting other places on the globe continues, but the ways to enter a country do not remain the same. Today, every country follows the same global practice of giving permission in the form of Visa, to enter in stay in the country for a short while, with the well-defined reason for visiting the country. This big process, which takes a fair amount of time, money and effort, ensures that the person coming to the country isn’t coming with criminal intentions. But to go through this tedious and tiresome process isn’t really an attractive prospect for anyone who wants to visit the country. To solve this problem, most of the developed countries have taken up the help of latest technology, and filling up the visa applications online, for those who intend to stay in the country for only a short duration, like for tourism, business meeting or medical treatment. This type of visa is named as E-Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). To visit India for a short while, the easiest way to get the visa is to apply for Indian e tourist visa, which can be obtained from the comfort of your own home, all you need apart from the general documents, is a stable internet connection.

The application procedure is incredibly easy and takes only a small amount of time to fill up. Still, there is an option for you to save the form which is incomplete, to complete it later on. To make it even easier, there is no comprehensive documentation required, only the scan of your passport and photo will do for tourism, and if you are here for a business meeting or medical visit, you’ll need the respective letters from the company or hospital that have invited you.

The three steps in this process are:

  1. Apply Visa for India: The application is available online, and once you have selected your nationality and the type of visa, you are good to start filling your application, and save it whenever you wish to leave it.
  2. Make necessary Amendments: Open the saved application using your login details and start completing the incomplete or editing the incorrect information in the application form.
  3. Make Payment and Submit: When you are sure that your application has been completed, you’ll need to make online payment for the fees as mentioned in the E-Visa India website, which includes the processing fees as well as convenience fee.

After you have submitted your application with the fees, there is no turning back, the application is sent for processing to the concerned authorities so that there is no delay in obtaining the Indian E-Visa. E-Visa India is closest to official Indian visa website, but offers the services that are far greater than the government website does, which makes it the best platform to apply of Indian E-Visa.

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