Overview of Daehong Electric technology specialized in supplying Smart Energy Management System in Korea

Welcome to Dae Hong Electronic Co., Ltd. We have tried to keep up with the customers’ requirement with supplying only the best quality products on the basis of the technology and dependability accumulated over the years. And, we are sure that we will provide all of our loyal customers with state-of-the-art design, technology and production.

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Dae Hong Electric Co., Ltd.; a pioneer of the domestic electronics industry, is proud of its high quality and technological capabilities due to its continuous research and development.

Strength of Dae Hong Electric

Numerous Customers of Various Industries (Refer to the right pictures)

40 years of experience in Site Service based on accumulated Know-how of Installation and Commissioning

Strength in Production

  1. Well-lined Production Processing Equipment and Facilities
  2. 40 years of experience in producing numerous and diverse products, accumulated skills, and thorough quality control and service Smart Energy Management System Manufacturer

Painting facility

Dae Hong Electric Co. Ltd.`s manufacturing facility realizing high-stability and reliability

Test & Inspection equipment

Test & inspection equipment

Featuring production facilities

Sheet metal

SALVAGNINI Shearing, Punching, and Bending Machine(S4-1254)


Powder Painting Equipment


NC Shearing & Press Brake Machine


BUS BAR Double Off-Setting & Bending Machine


Main markets

Power plant

Korea thermal power companies & Korea hydro and nuclear power

Plant & Building

Samsung Engineering & Hyundai rotem projects

Shipbuilding and yard

Dae Woo Shipbuilding, Samsung Heavy industry, Hyundai Heavy projects

Plant & Building

Samsung Engineering & Hyundai rotem projects

Waste & Sewage treatment



  • Aug, 2011. Passed KERI Internal Arc Test (36kV 1250A 60Hz AFLR 31.5kA/1S)
  • Aug, 2011 Passed KERI Internal Arc Test (12kV 1250A 60Hz AFLR 31.5kA/1S)
  • Jun, 2011 Acquired ISO 14001 Certificate
  • May, 2011 Passed KERI Type Test (36kV 1250A 31.5kA 60Hz MCGS) / IEC 62271-200
  • May, 2011 Passed KERI Type Test (12kV 2500A 31.5kA 60Hz MCGS) / IEC 62271-200
  • May, 2011 Passed KERI Type Test (12kV 1250A 31.5kA 60Hz MCGS) / IEC 62271-200


  • Jun, 2010. Patented Cutting Device for Wiring, Cable Protection Duct
  • May, 2010. Move to a larger facility in Jangan Industrial Complex
  • Jan, 2009. Passed LCP test from Safety Test Center of KESCO (IEC 60529: 2001 / IP54)
  • Nov, 2007. Patented Cabinet Panel.
  • Mar, 2007. Developed Easy-Assembly Distribution Panel
  • Feb, 2006. Acquired Excellent Performance Certificate from Korea Small/Medium Business Administration
  • Dec, 2005. Acquired Good Quality Mark(GQ) Certificate from Korea Small/Medium Business Administration
  • Apr, 2005 Passed Development test from KERI(L/C, 3P3W 480V 3000A 50kA/1s 60Hz) Test Specification : IEC 60439-1(2004)
  • Mar, 2005 Passed Development test from KERI (MCC 3P3W 480V 800A 40KA/1s 60Hz) Test Specification: IEC 60439-1(2004)
  • Oct, 2003 Acquired 1st class Electric Construction license from Korea Electrical Contractors Association
  • Feb, 2001 Passed PT&T TYPE TEST (MCSG TYPE VCB PANEL 3P 3.6KV 1250A, 40KA/1s 60Hz), Specification: JEM 1425(1986)


  • Apr, 1999 Established technical R&D center
  • Mar, 1999 Acquired Superior Group Standard Certificate(Superior EQ)
  • Mar, 1999Opened Sasang Office
  • Jun, 1998 Acquired ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Apr, 1998 Registered as certificated supplier of KEPCO
  • Jan, 1997 Acquired Group Standard Quality Certificate (EQ) (Korea Electrical Manufacturer’s Cooperative)
  • Jul, 1996 Installation of CNC shearing & Punching press machine (FINN POWER)
  • Jun, 1996 Completion of new Part-assembling factory
  • May, 1996 Achievement of ISO 9002
  • Sep, 1994 Achievement the 2nd degree license of Electrical Construction
  • Aug, 1994 Passed development test of Middle Voltage Switchgear from KERI (25.8kV 600A 25kA)
  • Aug, 1993 Rewarded as ‘Promising Small and Middle sized Company’ by Dongnam Bank
  • May, 1993 Installation of Automatic Powder Painting system (140m)
  • Dec, 1992 Establishment new Factory and Relocation to 1047-4 Yongsu-Ri, Jeongkwan-Myeon, Gijang-Kun, Busan, Korea
  • Oct, 1991 Development and production of Prefabricated Cubicle and MCC PANEL
  • May, 1991 Installation of CNC Fabrication Equipment and Establishment of automatic line for Metal-sheet Products (AMADA, Japan)
  • Jul, 1990 Developed underwater motor pump and started production. Received ‘Q’ mark from Korea Electric Testing Institute

Waste & Sewage treatment plant, Buffer storage tank, environment & resource, and hot-rolling facility. Motor Control Center Korea


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