Residential Projects in Greater Noida West – Eros Group

Delhi-NCR is a booming metropolis that has seen an unprecedented amount of growth in last two decades. People from all over the country and globally have come here for employment purposes and otherwise than just decided to stay back. Delhi-NCR is offering a lot in terms of residential and commercial spaces all around and one of the pioneers is Eros group. Eros has built themselves simultaneously with the growth of this country and have successfully pioneered the way to construction business for decades now. We are one of the top ranking real estate company in the country and there are hardly any corporates who have branched out in the entire country like Eros. Over a period of time, Eros has become the second name for luxury, quality and reliability as we have moved very effectively with the time and adapted the infrastructure of new world installed with all the latest technology.

Eros has its roots grounded in residential and commercial sectors both with great success and some of the finest architecture has our name tempered on it. As Delhi started to get filled up, NCR branched out itself to Greater Noida. Eros has some fantastic residential projects in Greater Noida west that are developed to supreme level of infrastructure and have garnered prime locations with nature and greenery facing right at it. On the commercial front, there are upcoming projects in Greater Noida west that would surely prove to be some of the best office spaces in the area and would be imbibed by multiple companies as their home. Branching out of NCR went ahead in all directions and Gurgaon turned out to be the commercial hub which houses one of the maximum number of corporates at one place. The development of employment opportunities happened in Gurgaon in last 10 years as the corporates turned around and decided to make this prosperous place as their hub. Eros has a breath taking furnished office space in golf course extension road that is equipped with highly sophisticated latest technology and expertly designed infrastructure that would help in running a firm with utmost ease.

With the high demand in the sector Eros built a commercial space in sector 49 Gurgaon, which is massive in its architecture and houses a lot of firms, who execute their business from it. Eros infrastructures always have very high level of security with the digital influx of attendance systems that are needed in every firm now. The parking spaces are very big and perfectly equipped to house multiple vehicles at once. A great example of all these amenities would be our office space in South Delhi. Eros has been in the construction business since the time India got its independence and our clientele has grown quantum leaps as we have always delivered the best possible results with our projects.

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