Rockman – Aerospace Composites Company in India

The technology advancements bring new materials to the world and some of these become so important that people can’t imagine their life without it. One such material was plastic/polythene for the last century, and in this 21st century, it is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a highly versatile fiber and can be used in any form of composite materials to provide it the desired feature. With this up rise in the utilitarian value of this material, people all over the world are setting up their manufacturing units to produce high-quality carbon composites and bring them to the reach of people and organizations that need it. Rockman, very recently, decided to do the same. By acquiring majority shares in Moldex Composites, Rockman has entered in the field of carbon composites, which is one of the materials most in demand by different industries.

A carbon composite is basically a carbon fiber reinforced polymer which is also known as carbon fibre reinforced plastic. As the name indicates, the properties of Carbon composites are similar to the plastic, means strong, water-proof, lightweight and malleable, but the main difference is that carbon fibre reinforced polymer is much more strong, fire-proof and it has the property to make it as rigid as required, like it can be made into a cloth-like material with high strength, but it can also be made into rigid sheets and shells to be used in the space crafts.

The applications of carbon composites are being found in almost all the industries that need a strong material to support heavy weights, pressure and other harsh conditions. The industries such as aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, sports goods and a number of other consumer and technical applications find carbon composite a useful material for their applications. Rockman produces and supplies carbon composites to its various clients which belong to one of these industries and helps them redesign their carbon composite with customized properties. Even the aerospace composites are manufactured using the carbon fibre polymer with other materials to be used in the insides and outsides of Commercial aircraft, military craft, helicopters, business jets, general aviation aircraft and space craft due to the virtue of their high strength to density ratio, which means, they are very strong and light weight.

Moldex composites have been in the industry for quite some time now, and since 2017, they have become the integral part of the reputed Rockman industries, which is backed by the most prestigious Hero Group, which brings in more sustainability and resourcefulness for the innovation and production of even better products, tailored according to the specific needs of the clients, making Rockman one of the best composites companies in India.

The official operations of Rockman as a carbon composite company began in 2017, and only in one year, Rockman has proved that its carbon composites division is no less than its other divisions, in which it has been working for almost six decades. With proper planning, efficient management systems, state of the art manufacturing facilities and a dedicated team, Rockman has become one of the most preferred company for the sourcing of carbon composites.

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