Successful Document Scanning and Document Management – Defining Your Objectives

When considering a document scanning or document management outsourcing project there area unit variety of various factors which will influence the success of your project, tumble right and you’ll be able to anticipate to a paperless (or less paper) setting and reap all the rewards scanning and electronic document management offers your business.

This series of articles can lead you step by step to make sure you bring home the bacon your objectives and with success implement electronic document management.

Defining Your Objectives

As with each business connected project the first objective is to determine a solid business case so as to validate the aim and establish a come back on investment, the subsequent area unit some tips to assist you bring home the bacon this. Document management provides several advantages to a busy paper laden workplace setting and therefore the primary objective could also be completely different for every business unit, thus it’s vital to identify;

Which business unit/units would profit the foremost and
Where is that the quickest or most quantitative come back on investment
For each business unit attempt to rank the plain tangible advantages, these could include;

Space saving

Office area is pricey, disk storage but is affordable and falling by the day. area unit their offices set in high rent areas that might profit quite others?

Improved search and retrieval

Documents that area unit quicker realize (if you’ll be able to find them at all) and retrieve area unit cheaper to search out. have confidence the frequency and easy access to your most ordinarily accessed documents.

Disaster recovery

Imagine that you simply were to lose all of your documents through larceny, flood or fireplace. that documents would impede the day to day running of the business or irreparably harm your business name.

Regulatory compliance

What area unit the regulative compliance problems that outline your document practices? area unit sure business units a lot of unnatural or in danger because of legislation?

Collaboration and distribution

Which documents area unit oftentimes shared with internal and external parties or area unit distributed frequently? What prices area unit involved distribution? Payment Aggregation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Improved management and security

Is there a demand to regulate access to confidential documents or determine however documents area unit being utilised/distributed?

Reduced off website storage

Documents hold on off-site area unit valuable and tough to retrieve, could also be not needed and attract alittle however revenant value year on year. Would a hybrid approach be cheaper? area unit there specific documents with frequent retrieval rates?


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