The Best Way to Test a Perfume before Buying It

Trying out a perfume before buying it something, we all are habitual of doing. A fragrance is such an intricate part of our personality that buying it without sniffing it at least once seems to be ridiculous. However, how many times it has happened that you loved a perfume while trying it but as soon as you reached home and tried it the second time, it seemed weird. Even though it is such a normal usual practice, a lot of us have not been doing it properly. Testing or trying a perfume is as intrinsic as wearing a perfume. If it is not done correctly, it might affect your decision of buying the right perfume. here are some simple tips that will come in handy while picking out the right fragrance:

Never make a judgement in hurry: Buying a fragrance when you are super busy is not advisable unless until you have tried that perfume prior. Choosing a perfume takes time. You need to allow the fragrance to settle in while trying out the testers in the shop. Designate an entire day to your perfume shopping and do it without any hassle. Nabeel perfume fragrance range is wide, so you will need time to try them all.

Never rub your wrist: While trying a perfume, we generally spray it on our wrist and rub it before taking a whiff. This damages the perfume molecules affecting the actual fragrance. Try to avoid doing this. Nabeel perfumes should be tried without rubbing for actual scent.

Use tester sheets: Fragrance can smell different on everyone so instead of spraying it on your hands, friend’s hands or the sales assistant’s hands, spray it on the tester sheet. This will help you in getting a genuine fragrance scent. It will also prevent the perfume from getting adulterated from products you have applied on your skin like moisturiser or body mist.

Avoid using too many perfumes: Using too many perfumes while trying them will only confuse your senses. Each perfume will layer on another one, creating a completely different scent. This is the reason why perfume smells different when you use it after taking home. Avoid trying more than 5-8 perfumes at the same time.

Instead of getting into all these hassles, you can order Nabeel perfume for Men and Women testers online from online perfume stores and use them just like perfume. Use one tester a day, test it in every condition to find out if it is worthy of your time or not.

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