The Best Ways to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

In the age of information and data based operations, keeping one’s credit card details secure is always a tall ask. There are always theft related risks that come into play in this regard. However, there are ways and means to keep your credit card info secure and this includes staying alert at all times

Credit Card fraud

Here’s how to use credit card to make sure that you steer clear of any possible frauds-

  • Safeguarding the credit card- This is of course the first and natural step that you have to follow. You should have your credit cards neatly tucked into your wallet/purse. This, of course, should be closer to your own body and hence will not be easy to steal. Whenever you shop in a crowded zone, you can consider a purse which is smaller. Also, scammers and thieves may also attempt to take snaps of your credit card with smartphones/cameras. As a result, never expose the card for a long period of time. Immediately stow it into the purse after a transaction. Always have the card in your hand when transacting at any restaurant, retail outlet and the like.
  • Shred those transaction statements- Any piece of paper that has the full credit card number printed on the same should be shred into pieces before being tossed away. Billing statements are a case in point; always make sure you properly shred them in order to ensure that no one can read the full number. You should check out the excellent features offered by RBL Bank world plus SuperCard in this regard.
  • Blank credit card receipts- Beware of signing blank receipts; you should always inspect and verify the amount for the credit card receipt prior to signing. In case there is a receipt that has blank spaces, make sure that 0 is written in those spaces. You may also draw through the same prior to signing. If you don’t, the cashier may just put down a particular amount before the purchase is sent to the issuer of the credit card.
  • Don’t reveal credit card data- Your confidential information including your credit card details should be kept just that way, i.e. strictly confidential. Never reveal these details on any call even if someone asks for the same, claiming to be from the organization that issued the credit card. Do not share any confidential information over the phone or online with anybody. When you wish to get in touch with customer service, check the number given on the back of the credit card.
  • Safe Usage Online- When paying online with your credit card, you should be extra careful. Refrain from clicking email links that may often look like the ones sent by your credit card issuer or lender. These could often be phishing scams in a bid to steal your data. Always directly go to the official website and then login.
  • Reporting Theft/Loss- You should immediately inform the credit card issuer without wasting any time in case of any loss/theft of your credit card. This will help the company block the card immediately before any fraudulent transactions are made.
  • Check billing statements carefully- You should go through billing statements minutely every month in order to check whether all transactions reported have been made by you. In case you notice any transaction, no matter how small it may seem, that you did not make, you should report the same immediately to the credit card issuer.
  • Strategically create passwords- You should always have good and strong passwords which keep the credit card details safe online. Use upper and lowercase letters along with characters and numbers. Do not write down this password anywhere. Memorize it and avoid sharing it with anybody.
  • Check for skimmers- Whenever you are swiping your credit card at stores, restaurants, gas stations and even ATMs, always check for little skimming devices which store the credit card data for future use by thieves.

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