The Guide That Will Help You to Look for Cat Boarding Services

No matter how much you love your cat, there are instances when you simply cannot take her with you. In that case, there are cat boarding services to assure you that your feline will receive all the love, care, and attention she deserves while you are away. Choosing the right cat boarding facility is important if you want to ease your worries about your fur baby’s safety and well-being. So, refer to this guide to help you find the best service provider in your area.

  • Make a list of local cat kennels – Go over the selection of cat boarding services in your area and pick at least two to three different facilities that are established and trusted by other cat owners like yourself. Once you have that list, you can proceed to verify each of them.
  • Get to know the facility – Some cat boarding services may share facilities with a dog kennel, but they keep the two effectively separated to avoid any trouble. Make sure the facility is clean and comfortable, and that it will not cause any stress to your cat. It should provide a safe and fun environment for your pet and other felines, with separate suites that are guaranteed clean and ideal for every cat. Consider reading reviews about the facility, too.
  • Know the costs – Compare prices among cat boarding facilities, but avoid automatically going for the cheapest one without verifying the quality of care and the safety of their environment. In some cases, paying a bit extra may be better if the service can ensure a safe, fun, and comfortable place for your cat while you are away.
  • Get to know the service providers – Who manage and provide the cat boarding services? Are they well-staffed? Some of the best facilities are family-owned and operated, and the staff lives on the premises to ensure 24/7 care and monitoring for all boarders. You need to make sure that they are qualified and experienced to care for cats and that they are animal lovers themselves. Consider service providers that can take into account any special needs your cat may have.
  • Visit the facility – Decide with the provider of cat boarding services to personally see their facility before you drop your kitty in. Pay attention to the smells and the cleanliness of the surroundings, and make sure the staff is friendly and nice, not only to the cats, but also to humans.

About the Author:

This article was written by Thomas West, Vice President of Country Inn Kennel and Cattery . Country Inn Kennel and Cattery is a family owned and operated boarding kennel in Chapel Hill, NC. They offer boarding and grooming services for dogs and cats, throughout Chapel Hill and in neighboring towns. They also offer pick up and drop off service for dog grooming service holder.

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