Things to do during Napa Valley Tours

If you are a travel freak and loves visiting bizarre places, then Napa Valley Tours would excite you. This tour could invite you for a wine tour and testing expedition. Isn’t it strange? Indeed, these tours allow you to cherish your tongue with World-class wine tastings and that too in the heart of Napa Valley. This area houses 400+ wineries that cover the region precisely. Moreover, native transport agencies offer regular tours to this heaven like place and this place with the number of tourists every year. The making of this alluring valley contributes to pretty towns like St Helena, Calistoga, and Yountville. To leave you in a stupor, this place offers the best of wine and dines variety.

The best thing to do during touring Napa Valley

  1. Napa Valley Wine Trolley Tour- Relishing your tongue with the best kind wines is the most favorable thing among visitors. Undeniably, the trolley tours take you to most of the wineries valley and would cherish your experience alongside.
  2. Hot air balloon ride-Take ride to skies of Napa Valley; get a hawk eye view of the flourishing vineyards and rolling hills of Napa. This results in a perfect sightseeing venture in a vibrant balloon along with other native or tourists. The alluring vineyards turn from emerald green to a rusty gold during the season which adds captivating views to spectacular landscape of Napa Valley.
  3. Train ride tours- Getting across the valley and noticing every vineyard closely can give you the exact information of the place. For this, you have to board the famous Napa Valley Wine Train running across the valley. Here, you will get a chance to relish your appetite with local cuisines prepared by locals. This antique train would offer you unforgettable dining expressing along with taking you through beautiful Napa Valley and picturesque St Helena village.


4.Visit Oxbow public market- For shopping freaks, this market has a variety of things to buy. This market is moreover a center for foodies. All kind of dish3es can be tasted here.


  1. Visiting Pride Mountain – High up astride the border of Napa- Sonoma, Pride Mountain is the jewel of pride for this valley. This place savors with best wines i.e. Cab Franc, Viognier, Cabernet and Merlot that can be found here only. The place has an abundance of things to do including going through winery artifices, the stunning panoramic views of vineyards, which makes it a spectacular picnic spot. All this makes these Napa Valley Tours a perfect venture.

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