TLSHS-Best Hotel Management College in India

Hospitality is an up and coming field in professional education and the best BHM College in Faridabad is The Lalit Suri Hospitality School. It has gained the reputation of the most advanced training institute of hospitality education because it has been attached to the most reputed Hotel Group, The Lalit, and brings in the real-time hospitality industry experience from the prestigious 5 star Lalit Hotels, which are scattered all around the world. The education so provided to the students is drawn by the experiences of the active hoteliers of the industry and so, it provides each student an on hand experience of what the industry is like, outside the books. But that doesn’t mean that the academics are less emphasized here. It is as good and important as it is for other Management courses in Faridabad, but it doesn’t rest upon just the books, there are training programmes which are complemented with the state of the art infrastructure and well-trained teaching staff to teach the students the intricacies of this course, which is a science as well as an art.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management is the degree course in hotel management which TLSHS dedicatedly offers. This course includes a theory course that covers all the major aspects of Hospitality and practical part, which gives the students a first-hand knowledge of the industry, for which, excursions, workshops, and guest lectures are also arranged for the students. Then comes the training part, where the students are trained to gain expertise in the skills that make the basics of hospitality. After the course is well understood and practiced by the students, they have to do an internship in a hotel and garner the work experience, and since TLSHS is backed by the Lalit Group, the students have a chance to get their work experience at one of this well-known Lalit hotels. And if the students have the caliber and are hardworking, they might also get placed in the Lalit Hotels, which is like every Indian hospitality student’s dream come true.

To make all the aspects of this course covered in their best potential, two factors are very important, one is the infrastructure and second is the educators. TLSHS is one of the very few institutes which have got both of these factors right. With an ultra-modern infrastructure corresponding to the real set up in the hotels, the students are able to get the proper simulation to what they will be getting in the hotels for real, and with the teaching staff which is still active in the hoteliering industry, the students do not only get the best class of tutoring for their courses, but they also get the tips that make them better prepared for their careers. These two factors working in perfect congruence make TLSHS the best hotel management college in India.

The comprehensive academic course with theory as well as practical components along with the training part and the internship program at one of The Lalit Hotels is what makes it the top hotel management institute in India.

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