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Turkey is one of the oldest inhabited countries in the world, and although it is in Europe, it borrows most of its influence from central Asia. It is also known as the gateway between Asia and Europe as Istanbul is the only city in the world that stretches in both the continents and shares the religious respect from both the worlds. It is also considered as the holiest place for the three major religions of the world, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is a unique place to be in, seeing cross cultural symbiotic relationship between the societies, with modern influence, and not to mention, breath-taking scenic beauty of nature which overwhelms its visitors. Being so popular for religious and historical legacy, picturesque natural sites and also for being a beautifully developed country, Turkey is often the choice of many foreigners to visit on vacation, and all the visitors need to have a valid passport and visa to have a stay in the country.

To obtain the Turkish visa, all foreign nationals need to fill up turkey visa application form, which is to be submitted in the embassy along with all the documents that are required for obtaining the visa. After this, the visit to embassy for interview is scheduled and the passport is to be submitted for stamping. Bye passing this long process, the government of turkey has brought the facility of e-visa for the foreign nationals who visit for a short duration in the country. E-Visa is basically a document which is provided by the governmental authorities of a country for entry into that country, via email or by logging in to e-visa portal with registered username and password. The print out of this document needs to be carried with the passport, which is authorised at the immigration check at Turkey’s designated airports and the passport is stamped there.

There are some limitations to the e-visa holders though, most of which involve the restricted multiple entries or a set time limit of stay in the country. Turkey visit visa is available for 30 days of stay from the day of entry, while the validity of e-visa lasts till 180 days from the indicated date of arrival in the country. These restrictions are exercised because of the fact that the e-visa is granted only to those who are either touring the country or going for a business meeting, which means they don’t need to stay for long periods of time in the country.

E-Visa Turkey presents its clients an easy three step process for obtaining visa to turkey. These three steps are:

  • Filling up the visa applications with correct details and saving the form.
  • Making amendments or completing the form, in case you need to change the information filled in the form.
  • Making online payment through secure payment gateway

Obtaining an e-visa doesn’t need a tiresome long process; it’s just a simple online procedure that takes care of the visa needs of visiting this amazing country. By making this whole process simpler, easier and faster, E-Visa Turkey has made it evident that it is the best platform to apply for a Turkish e-visa.

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