Visit at one of the best hotels in Kumbhalgarh- Mana Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is a small and absolutely stunning Mewar fortress town, located roughly 85 km from Udaipur. Surrounded by opulent Aravalli hills, this scenic place is visited by tourists from all over the world, particularly on a day excursion. It’s not only the famous hill fort that makes Kumbhalgarh a place to explore, but also the century-old temples, dense wildlife sanctuaries etc. Seeing the regular visits of tourists from all over the world various hotels have opened in the area. Out of all Kumbhalgarh hotels, Mana Kumbhalgarh is the best in the industry serving the best facilities to its customers over the years.

Mana Kumbhalgarh welcomes its guest with open heart to come and stay over here enjoying the scenic beauty of Aravalli hills in the backdrop. Mana Hotels provides a great lodging in the modern luxury hotel that comes with incredible amenities and delectable food, but the best part is that there are so many activities that are designed to keep the guests engaged in the hotel itself, so that you don’t get bored spending time indoors. These amenities include swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds, a dedicated room for indoor and  board games, mini cinema hall (where food is served too), various competitions like t-shirt painting to engage the children, and many more learning activities and workshops for adults, like pottery and cooking classes. Special champi (traditional head massage), puppet show, cultural programs like folk songs and dance, DJ nights and rain dance are arranged to be enjoyed by all the guests.

We have multiple offers for our guest that the guests can avail at the time of check-in and we ensure that we provide the best hospitality to our guests. Mana has gained this repute for its exceptional services, which are discussed in almost all the reviews, complimenting the whole staff or a member in particular for taking great care of their guests. The contemporary architecture of Mana has won innumerable hearts as it is an unexpected pleasant surprise for the people who can find only traditionally built hotels like many others all over Rajasthan. The best part of Mana is that it has married modern look and luxury with traditional realm and royalty of Rajasthan, which conveys Rajasthan’s rich culture effectively, without making its guests uncomfortable, or left disconnected because of their urbane choices.

Besides accommodation, food and activities Mana Hotels make the arrangements for every celebration and occasion in their hotels. We make arrangements for luxurious wedding to office conference to meetings, to seminar, to social gathering and party place in our vicinity.

Mana Kumbhalgarh is the only hotel that offers such an expansive range of activities and entertainment options to its guests, and with an idyllic location, that too close to the most famous temples and other adventure sports in Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur, it is the best hotel in Kumbhalgarh to plan a vacation in the lap of nature.

Visit Mana, Kumbhalgarh to experience the hospitality and the scenic beauty.


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