What Does a Patent Lawyer Do?

Unless you’ve been an inventor during your life, you’ve probably never heard of a patent attorney or patent firm. But unbeknownst to millions, patent lawyers guard the gates of innovation by counseling clients and helping to protect the intellectual property of those who invent new products and processes.

A patent firm in NJ is primarily a law firm. But such a firm isn’t interested in criminal, corporate, or family law. Patent law is a niche legal field that requires a high degree of expertise, demonstrated technical aptitude, and a firm understanding of the patent process. If you have a product, technique, or process that you want to protect from theft or unlicensed use, you need a patent lawyer on your side. Read on to learn about what patent lawyers do and why they are necessary.

Research Your Invention

One of the preliminary services performed by a patent attorney is research of your invention. This step sometimes happens before your invention is even finalized. A patent attorney will compile your specs, record the purpose of your invention, and document other aspects of your creation. The attorney will then conduct research to determine if your product or idea conflicts with other existing patents that could result in a cease and desist request in the future. If your product or process checks out as original, then the attorney can move on to the next step.

Preparing a Patent Application

Gaining a patent isn’t as simple as filling out an application. To properly secure a patent, a great deal of technical information must be shared and documented. That’s why it’s important that a patent attorney has a high degree of technical aptitude. In fact, some patent attorneys even have degree in engineering as well as law. That’s because a patent attorney needs to understand the laws surrounding patents as well as the technical specs of your project to determine how it should be presented. The attorney ushers your invention through the patent application phase and helps you with the proper documentation.

Protecting Your Invention

Once the patent application is approved, the patent attorney still has a role in the process as a watchdog over your patent invention. If another inventor creates a product that resembles yours illegally, your attorney can challenge in court to recoup damages on your behalf. Your patent attorney can also assist with any challenges to your patent that may come from other inventors.

If you’re an inventor, you want a patent firm in NJ on your side. A patent attorney can research your invention, usher you though the patent process, and help defend your rights once the patent is granted.

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