What is Google Adwords?

Do you know where Google’s revenue source is?
Google has numerous services, most of which are free for users. Most of these services are part of the advertising, and the most revenue comes from advertising. Google Ads is a system through which advertisers give their ads to Google. Google’s most popular advertising network is advertising in Google’s search engine.

You probably have seen results at the top or bottom of the page when you search for a phrase in Google, which is slightly different from other Google results. Along with these results, when your chosen language is in Google English, the Ad will be “advertised” and when it is Persian it is written in other languages.

The owners of these ads, using Google Google, have offered their offer to Google. In this type of ad, each business presents words or phrases with a promotional text to Google. Then declares that he is willing to pay $ A if Google shows this ad when looking for the terms. Google will compare this offer with other offers that its competitors might have, along with suggestions that are consistent with the profitability that Google has and will display in search results. When the user clicked on this ad and entered the advertiser’s site, the amount charged is deducted from the advertiser’s account.

This type of ad is highly targeted because the user who searches the term associated with your work on Google is probably your potential customer. Now either he is looking for a purchase or is researching for purchase. In any case, if you can show your ad at this time, you have a lot of chances to attract him.

Google is a good way to show your ad at the right time, use it.
Types of Google Advertising Techniques
Google has a very popular and visited sites in various fields such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Maps …

With many large sites and rivals, it is also working to promote advertising. Like Yahoo, Bing, App Store

Google has partnered with millions of sites around the world to display ads through the Google Adsense system.آموزش گوگل ادوردز

With Google, you can advertise on all sites listed above in a variety of ways, including text ads in the search engine, banner ads in various places, advertisements, email ads, video ads, and more. .
What kind of business is Google’s ads for?
Google ads are suitable for almost all businesses. You can advertise your product or service through a variety of Google advertising methods. Google’s smart banner ads and video systems can make your brand more popular and popular.

In Iran, unfortunately, since some Google advertising systems do not work for sanction and filtering reasons, the domain of advertising is very limited. None of the Iranian sites operating in the country can sell their advertising space through Google, and many other restrictions. Currently, only businesses that have goods or services that their customers can access through the Internet can use Google. Of course, the same applies to many businesses.

What’s the cost of advertising on Google?
Google’s bidding system is auctions. You are offered a price for one type of advertisement, and if you do not have a lot of competitors, you will advertise at a relatively low price on Google, and if your rivals advertise through ads, your costs will be higher.

In total, the Google auction system allows you to advertise with any amount, if your budget is low, you will see less results in the results and if you increase the budget, your ad will even increase. Another thing about the cost of Google Adwords is that it’s always worthwhile for adware ads. Because if for some reason, such as a rise in the price of the currency, the price of advertising increases, your rivals, like you, will lower their suggested prices, and as a result, advertising costs will be reduced again to the point of saving.

Google Adwords or SEO?
Many ask us this question, is SEO better or Google? If we want to answer the question correctly, we must first say that we mean Google as the same ad in the Google search engine that is aligned with SEO; secondly, we must first review the applications and their details.

In Google, as soon as you decide to advertise, it will not take more than a couple of hours until your ads appear on Google’s first page. You will not pay the initial cost of advertising, and changes in your advertising will be done instantly and instantly. For each user login, you have to pay a fee and as long as you pay this money, your site will be visible on the front page. You do not need much expertise to do this, and your viewing on Google’s front page is guaranteed. The book account is very convenient for your advertising.

Now let’s examine the SEO in these parameters.

When you decide to work on your site so that your site can be seen on the front page, it takes at least 4-6 months. For SEO, you have a lot of cost to generate content, changes in site programming, buying backlinks and more. pay. when

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