Which App Development Trends Are Going To Rule In The Coming Year?

As we already know about the fact that mobile apps have become crucial part of our lives for sure with smartphones becoming a way of life. Almost all daily things happen faster with their help, as one can do the work in a much hassle-free manner. So many apps covering almost all the niches are available in the Google Play Store and App Store for iOS devices by every iOS app development company. Mobile apps such as entertainment, games, organizers, shopping, banking, reading, watching, listening are being developed by the developer.

Can you imagine your life without your smartphone which has these apps installed in your smartphone?

Of course not!

The things were really not like this as seen these days, the apps which were developed were really simple and were based on the productivity level of the apps. More apps which were developed were created out of the need to make daily activities little more simpler and faster such as calculations and who doesn’t remember the snake game. So, we can say that the scenario of mobile app development services is literally changing, rather transforming.

What do they need? Mobile Developer in 2018
What the users of any app want is that the app should be super user-friendly as well as there should be a unique and new feature or functionality that should give a competitive edge to the app user for sure. If we hire mobile developer from the company, he would of course say that there are some trends which are more popular than other trends and in this blog, we are going to discuss about those trends which will rule in 2018 and upcoming 2019.

But, you need to hire iOS app development company which is adept at creating such apps, not only hire them for your business professional app but also check the portfolio and have a look at the past work samples that they have created.

1. Increased number of devices:
Try to calculate how many gadgets you and your family have do have Internet access? Well, the counting may surprise you as the number of gadgets and devices with internet access is increasing rapidly and this trend is going to go higher in future also. According to the US 2018 study, there are now 23.15 billion devices in the world. This means that everyone has at least 3 gadgets in a family all around the world. Well, it opens a whole new way to opportunity for every company providing mobile app development services looking for projects.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps (AR and VR):
The AR and VR apps are really in trend because of the fact that these apps provide a way of providing knowledge to the users about the business or the brand in a very exciting way. App retention becomes easier with these apps because the app has a nice user-interface so as to make the things unique for the users. This is certainly a great lead in the future of app development for sure.

3. Chat Robots and Artificial Intelligence:
This technology gives us a unique experience in almost any kind of app. When any app has this Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, then they know what the user wants because the program collects information about the user habits and actions and the resulting conclusions. You will see that it works in several chat robots that answer your questions without human intervention in mobile app development services. Or in a search engine, it examines your request and squeezes your choice to satisfy your preference quickly.

4. Improved Online Marketing:
Online stores are selling more and more goods every day. Therefore, they need to improve their advertising systems so they can show their potential customers more ads that better match their needs. So, one should hire app developer with the knowledge of these marketing strategies.

Up and coming trends of app development in 2019 are as following:
Analysis and forecast, we see nothing new, but all the trends in 2018 will be bigger and better for sure. This means that when you hire mobile developer you should make sure that he is well-aware of all the trends that exist in the app development scenario.

Internet of Things (IoT):
According to Forbes Magazine, the sector will triple up in 2019 in the app development sector which also affects every iOS app development company as well as Android app development company. The total cost of smart home products will rise to about $ 36 billion. The main task is to make the heating system and other products operate automatically.

For example, you can set the correct temperature for you to use the system during the first month. When you reach home, the heater learns to warm up and cool down accordingly. It allows you to cut costs of electricity without any action.

Today, the confidence level for most smartphone users is low. Yes, we are using more and more applications every day, but do we really believe that our data is completely safe? To be precise, we do not think so!

So, we see more and more trends adding in the market everyday and the past trends going to be integrated on a much higher level than in the last year. So, more and more companies offering mobile app development services are adhering and following the trends to create the best apps for the clients.

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