Yee Kok Siong Expounding the E-Wallet for Beginners

The Electronic Wallet or E-Wallet is a software program. It is also commonly referred to as a digital wallet. They are typically software programs integrated on a user’s personal computer or smartphone. It enables users to store information and pay using various types of financial instruments such as credit cards and electronic cash. The use of an electronic wallet enables people to conduct transactions online more conveniently. It functions like any traditional wallet and stocks information about its owner in E-Wallet cards.


This digital wallet is used to store personal information such as the owner’s name, residential address and credit card numbers. When you make an online purchase, you have to select the electronic wallet. The online order forms are automatically completed. E-Commerce had always been a more convenient shopping option because it allows shoppers to shop at their convenience, at a time and place of their choice. E-Wallets have simplified the process further, make the prospect more enticing.


What are The Advantages of Using an E-Wallet?


If you shop online frequently, you might be aware of the hassles of having to fill out lengthy order forms repeatedly when conducting business online. The E-Wallet automatically fills in the fields in an online order form. Thus, it saves you the trouble of having to fill each detail manually. Surveys highlight the fact that consumers often abandon the purchase process if the order form to be filled is too lengthy and confusing. The E-Wallet overcomes this hurdle by retrieving the necessary details and completing the form on the customer’s behalf. Thus, it is a great boon for business owners.


Security is an important concern to E-Wallet owners as well as those contemplating the purchase of one. It rises above an ordinary leather wallet because it keeps your personal information more secure; unlike accidental spills from overloaded wallets or a misplaced wallet. Instead of multiple passwords, you have to maintain only one single password. Also, the personal and financial information stored in E-Wallets are heavily encrypted to prevent it from getting intercepted. As a user, you are given the option to use your E-Wallet without a password; however, this compromises the safety and security of the E-Wallet payment system.


There are different companies offering E-Wallets. Modern day E-Wallets are designed to be used on varied mobile platforms including Android, iPad and iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac and Windows. The only drawback is that some E-Wallets are compatible only with certain browsers.


Many are not in favor of using an E-Wallet. Not being tech-savvy is the first reason they cite for the refusal to use this service. You needn’t be an expert in computers if you want to setup an e-wallet for yourself. Once you download and setup the software, you can use it anywhere and at anytime to make online purchases.


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